Whistleblower Hotline Solution

Improve case management with smart and secure reporting and investigations

Adopt an efficient approach to the resolution of cases with centralized management, effective collaboration, and confidential reporting.

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Protect your people, your business,
and the bottom line

Allow employees to submit reports through a secure whistleblower hotline solution or web intake portal that keeps reporters anonymous and data confidential at all times. Store all substantiations and evidence in one central portal and gain real-time visibility and control of your case management program.

Gain trust and visibility

Enable employees to recognize wrongdoing when they see it with integrated training and communication campaigns in your case management program. Grasp the full scope of all cases at a glance and track their progress from one view.

Be timely and accurate

Ensure that critical cases get your immediate attention. Leverage the platform’s automated and configurable features to process an unlimited number of reports and categorize and escalate cases based on their urgency.

Uncover the root cause

Understand the insights that flow through your case management platform to uncover the underlying causes of reports and be better equipped to design appropriate remediation plans. Pull data from your dashboard to tailor reports for your management.

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Combine global intake with centralized case management

Open up the lines of communication and enable employees from every region and function to voice their concerns. Capture and centralize reports from every intake channel in a single repository and grasp the full scope of all cases at a glance. Track progress of investigations and get access to every case-related piece of evidence needed to make informed decisions.

Build a case management process
with risk and privacy in focus

With our whistleblower hotline solution, you can establish a secure and comprehensive case management process from the intake of reports to the closure of investigations with GAN’s integrated compliance management solution and empower employees and investigators to consistently and thoroughly handle reports.


Configure your web intake portal to reflect the content and the context you choose. Allow for documentation upload, add text fields or any other information you would like to capture.


Customize the look and feel of every intake portal to reflect your company’s brand. Leverage the platform’s configurability to systematically translate submission pages into the local languages.


With GAN’s whistleblower hotline solution you can rest assured that reports, data, evidence and every person involved in substantiations will be anonymous at all times.

Safeguard your organization’s speak up culture

Safeguard your organization’s speak up culture

Empower your employees to be your eyes and ears throughout the organization by enabling them to safely and confidentially report concerns via accessible and accountable channels.

  • Transform the submission process and guarantee the confidentiality of whistleblowers, reports, and related persons with a fully secured intake portal.
  • Empower employees with a 24/7 hotline and allow call handlers to safely log anonymous second hand reports.
  • Enable reporters to log into their case details, provide additional evidence, and communicate anonymously with investigators with an auto-generated case ID and password.

Triage cases and escalate to the appropriate stakeholders

Triage cases and escalate to the appropriate stakeholders

Organize cases based on their urgency and seamlessly escalate investigations via the platform’s configurable workflows and user governance functions.

  • Build the investigative team that corresponds to the case requirements from your dashboard.
  • Seamlessly reassign investigators or escalate issues safely and securely at any point in time before case closure.
  • Apply a risk-based workflow process to case management and automatically escalate high-priority reports to top management for careful scrutiny.
  • Leverage automated reminders to notify case owners and to ensure proper and timely review and follow-up of every concern.

Bring everything you need to see onto one screen

  • Reporting Portal
    • Submit reports and concerns
    • Use confidential log in to view progress
    • Communicate anonymously with investigators
    • Submit evidence
  • Investigator Dashboard
    • Maintain an overview of all cases
    • Launch new investigations
    • Set up teams and escalate concerns
    • Assign tasks
    • Close cases and decide on remediation
Investigator Dashboard

Investigate substantiations and track progress

Investigate substantiations and track progress

Adopt a structured and consistent approach to investigations and dedicate the right amount of resources and investigatory efforts to every case.

  • Assign the responsibilities, tasks, and deadlines to the right case owners and let automated notifications inform every stakeholder of their role in the investigation.
  • Embed links to tasks and case details in email notifications to enable quick access.
  • Allow investigators and reporters to anonymously exchange information through the platform’s integrated communication tool.
  • Add information and findings, upload evidence, interviews, or other case-related insights to each case in a centralized repository.
  • Maintain an overview of case status and investigation progress form one central screen.

Analyze root causes and build insightful reports

Analyze root causes and build insightful reports

Leverage a data-driven platform to understand key insights and determine which compliance controls need further improvement.

  • Close your investigation by logging conclusions and insights into a configurable, auto-generated form and include findings and recommended outcome.
  • Decide when remedial actions should be taken and assign mitigation actions to appropriate team members.
  • Upload investigation reports and relevant documentation and keep a central record of all cases and incidents from the intake of reports to the closure of the investigation.
  • Rely on the platform’s activity log to provide you with an auditable trail of every case.

Enterprise Ready

Leverage a best practice case management process or build a solution that meets the unique needs of your business. With the platform’s configurable workflows you can design and implement scalable processes that can support even the most complex structures. Customize intake forms to capture the appropriate data you need to process concerns, deploy the platform’s unlimited user governance capabilities to accommodate processes to your unique organizational structure, and leverage encompassing dashboards to monitor the effectiveness of your case management program.

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Integrated Case Management

Connect the insights your retrieve from your case management program with the rest of your compliance processes with integrated compliance management and turn key indicators into actionable remediation plans.

Visualize data

Build dashboards to visualize data from every compliance process across the board and identify hidden risks and flaws in your program.

Correlate mitigations

Gain visibility into how every other compliance process is efficient in blunting misconduct throughout the organization.

Connect people

Ensure that every person working for your business or on behalf of it, whether that’s your employees or third parties know when and how to report concerns.

Never let a concern go unheard

Adopt a structured and centralized approach to case management and dedicate adequate scrutiny and attention to every report.

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