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Conflicts of interest

Manage conflicts of interest at scale

Manage conflicts of interest with a centralized and intuitive solution for higher visibility, a streamlined approach, and an easy submission process.

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Nurturing ethical behavior requires the right culture and incentives. With the Integrity Platform, guidance, accessibility, and ease of use ensure adoption of ethical procedures so that everyone, at any time, knows when and how to declare a conflict.

GAN started out as only our transaction platform, then became our transaction, conflict and government interaction system. Now it’s just our Business Integrity platform.

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Verify accessibility for better coverage

Ensure everyone can easily disclose conflicts of interest regardless of where and how they operate across regions and business units.

Easy to use tools

Accommodate all work environments and backgrounds with a localized and mobile responsive conflict of interest management application.

Tailored input forms

Create tailored forms with custom, varied inputs dependent upon the target workflows involved to produce full-coverage COI reports and details.

Future conflicts captured

Make certain future employees can declare potential and actual conflicts before they onboard so you can mitigate and reassess decisions in a timely manner.


Data: strengthen your business’s connective tissue

Build bridges between programs, seamlessly embedding compliance into operations and enabling stakeholders to declare conflicts in their own operating system, then view risk holistically without any disruption to business.

Connect risk indicators

Connect disclosures to persons or companies by selecting contacts stored in the platform and get a full view of risk.

Share data

Integrate with any enterprise platform and allow conflict of interest data to be reflected across platforms for shared insights at scale.

Integrate platforms

Allow users to dynamically create, update, or delete disclosures from different enterprise platforms without disruption to operations.

With the Integrity Platform, you can connect data across users and requests throughout all modules. Break silos between applications that often manifest from lesser compliance solutions. Initiate enhanced due diligence, investigations, or screenings required for any process in any business unit all within one platform.


Scale processes with growth

With powerful integrations, access control, and scalable process management, the Integrity Platform supports the business in effectively managing conflicts of interest even during times of change.

Scalable design

Process design is tailored to your company’s complex needs to accommodate the organization’s workforce structure, operational deployment, and data ecosystem.

Adaptable structure

Complex enterprise pivots are rapidly reflected in the conflict management program, capturing risks and connecting them to existing data to package meaningful insights for effective mitigation.

Reporting & analytics

Discover patterns through reports

Identify patterns and uncover hidden risks with full-coverage dashboards that give you meaningful insights to protect the business.

Proactive management

Establish meaningful connections in disparate disclosures to assess and mitigate cases proactively.

Integrated audit log

Find centralized audit logs of all activity by any individual for easily accessible documentation.

Real-time data

Operate in real-time to get the latest data with customized dashboards focusing on critical data.

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