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Incident management

Make incident reporting easy

Deploy a whistleblowing and incident management solution that makes speaking up easy and case resolution streamlined.

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Incident management

Instill a vibrant speak-up culture

Empower your employees to anonymously voice concerns with a secure and easy-to-use online reporting portal, then consistently and confidently handle reports with care.

Intuitive and easy to use: that was very important to McDonald’s. We have to make sure the younger generations embrace our speak-up platform and do the right thing when they witness misconduct.



Make all initiator reports matter

Show your organization you’re listening by addressing issues promptly with a tailored incident management program. Each incoming concern will be stored in one application allowing for a centralized handling of diverse cases.

Root cause analysis

Conduct root cause analysis of substantiated incidents with embedded analysis forms. Connect findings to risk controls to holistically address underlying causes of misconduct.

Thorough investigations

Ensure every case is thoroughly investigated through a streamlined workflow process with an integrated audit log of all activity.

Integrated remediation

Serve remedial action to any function in the organization to foster collaboration on ethical behavior and culture. Follow up on tasks from one interface to ensure timely completion.


Secure case workflows at scale

Eradicate hoops, loops, and unnecessary obstacles around reporting and investigations. Your business will only improve if people engage and ease of use is priority number one.

Automated risk ratings

Automatically triage cases and escalate high risk matters with integrated and customized risk ratings. Focus your resources where they matter most.

Customized process flows

Encode unique business rules into the application’s case management workflows to accommodate unique processes and business structure.

Timely follow up

Leverage reminders and automations to trigger time sensitive actions. Ensure timely follow up in accordance with regulatory requirements.

We need [our platform] to be pretty simple, straightforward, and easy-to-use, and that was one of the things that really appealed to me about GAN.



Automatically promote high-risk cases

Ensure critical cases get immediate attention with the application’s automated notifications and risk-based categorizations. Engage external resources without jeopardizing confidential data with secure and segregated access.

Role-based engagement

Tap into sophisticated use management to govern access at a granular level and route cases to appropriate stakeholders across the organization.

Access to external counsel

Leverage the platform’s data segregation capabilities to grant access to external stakeholders for assistance with critical areas of a case or investigation.

Solve cases in parallel

Launch investigations with multiple stakeholders to ensure investigational diligence. Maintain a centralized overview of overall case progress from one screen.

Looking to establish a speak-up hotline? Look no further. GAN Integrity partners with the industry-leading hotline provider to guarantee a safe speak-up experience for all your employees. With 24/7/365 hotline services, our partnership delivers an integrated and smart solution to meet the unique needs of any businesses.


Enable confidential conversation

Allow anonymous conversations between employees and case managers with a fully encrypted messaging platform. Employees can easily follow up on case progress, communicate with investigators, and upload additional evidence at any time.

Safe & secure communication

Enable anonymous conversations with built-in encrypted messaging tools.

Timely follow-up

Allow employees to upload additional evidence and track their reports with case IDs to build trust and confidence in the program.

Mobile reporting

Ensure everyone can speak up regardless of circumstance with a mobile-compatible app and QR codes for quick access.

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