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Compliance simplified.
All in one place.

GAN transforms the way compliance programs operate by bringing together all of your critical compliance systems, documents, and data into a single, fully-integrated platform. Goodbye disconnected spreadsheets. Hello effortless compliance.

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Policies, training, due diligence, communication, and more. Together and automated.


Create risk reports and implement mitigation activities through a global risk catalog and local manager inputs.

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Manage your policies: Develop, publish and assign policies to employee groups for signing. Track and report completion rates.

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Train employee groups with e-learning courses and tests. Assign to your employee groups. Track and report the results.

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Evaluate, track and store third-party and employee due diligence, automatically.

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Track, monitor and report your compliance status, date and results in a single place.

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Assign, coordinate and manage compliance initiatives, with employees, business partners, HR, finance and more.

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Register gifts, entertainment, COI. Upload documentation. Review, approve, or reject requests. And, monitor and report.

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Capture whistleblower reports via online, emails, & anonymous hotlines, manage cases, and monitor and report outcomes.

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GAN in the News

“In researching the compliance industry, it was very clear that this critically important business unit was grossly underserved. Compliance professionals tend to work with 5-10 technology vendors to achieve basic programmatic goals in compliance management. For such an important area for global business, it seemed clear that the compliance groups needed a more efficient and smarter tech platform.”

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”In order to help realize a more transparent and fair business climate companies and tech innovators will need to work closely together to change their industries. They can do so by investing in new technologies that make corruption more visible and easier to address […] If they do so, we can expect to see an increase in transparency, which will hopefully lead to less cases of corruption and save companies the costs that are associated with regulatory errors.” 

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“It’s been a whirlwind couple of months in terms of compliance and the regulatory landscape. Whether you zero in on compliance in the United States or zoom out to the global regulatory environment, a lot of conversation happened in the last few months of 2017, which hopefully will spearhead a lot of change.”

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The world’s top companies are using our all-in-one software to transform the way their compliance programs operate.

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All-in-one compliance management software. Simple, intuitive, and made for teams.

Cloud based,
use anywhere on any device

Flexible, affordable
subscription plans

Unlimited email and phone support.
Expert advice and education.

Easy to use tools for every step
in the compliance process.

50+ policies, e-learning courses, quizzes, and questionnaires included with every plan.

All your compliance systems, docs,
and data, in one place.


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