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Our goal is to be the most functional compliance Software as a Service (SaaS) platform on the market. To accomplish that, we focus on and specialize in technology and only technology. However, while technology is the backbone of any great compliance program, we are aware that compliance teams need more than just robust software to be successful. In order to offer world-class solutions and provide compliance teams with maximum value, we partner with some of the best organizations in the industry to deliver premium services.

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Control Risks

As one of the most established global providers of corporate intelligence and due diligence services, Control Risks leverages its unparalleled combination of experience, geographic reach, and specialized skill sets to deliver the highest quality of due diligence at every level. Our partnership combines Control Risks’ 40 years of experience helping to create secure, compliant, and resilient organizations with GAN Integrity’s market-leading compliance management software.

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Featured Partners

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Our partnership unites Prescient’s trusted due diligence and cyber security services with GAN’s innovative technology, to bring to you a comprehensive solution to third party due diligence, covering compliance, cyber, and reputational risk.

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Integrity Risk

Integrity Risk

Establish a strong, consistent, and defensible third-party due diligence solution by leveraging the integration of IntegrityRisk’s diligence services in our technology.

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Traliant was founded by industry veterans from some of the world’s most successful compliance training companies. Their goal? To transform compliance training from boring to brilliant. Our partnership delivers premium online compliance training to strengthen global compliance programs. Traliant is a provider of award-winning, online compliance training that enables organizations to train global workforces on critical compliance topics designed for today’s diverse and mobile workforce.

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Whistleblower Security

WhistleBlower Security is solely focused on providing a premier ethics reporting service. With 24/7/365 hotline services, this partnership delivers an integrated and smart solution to meet the unique needs of organizations, regardless of size, industry, or geography. Our partnership delivers premium global telephony services for customer’s whistleblowing hotline services to employees, customers, and third parties.

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Moody’s Analytics

The GAN Integrity – Moody’s Analytics partnership delivers premium data searches against sanctions, political exposure, and negative media content sets directly within the GAN Integrity platform.

Types of Partnerships


Content Partners

We work with our content partners to deliver premium data, insights, analytics, or training to our customers. These partners are niche experts and help deliver a world-class solution to compliance teams.


Referral Partners

Referral partners are organizations in the compliance and ethics space who see product-market fit between our solution and their customer’s needs. These partners make warm introductions to their customers and recommend our technology when they see an opportunity to do so.


Go-to-Market Partners

Our go-to-market partners are organizations who we co-brand content with, work with on thought leadership pieces, and present together at industry conferences. They share in the ethos of our mission: to empower organizations to do the right thing, and partner with us to build this reality.

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