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Third-party risk management

Engage third parties with confidence

Track the lifecycle of third-party relationships across different risk types from initial due diligence to real time monitoring on one platform.

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Full lifecycle management

Establish credibility across the process with a centralized, integrated platform that facilitates stakeholder engagement through governed data access.

Tailored due diligence controls

Design a tailored third-party risk program and deploy repeatable and consistent risk-based procedures for more speed, less human intervention, and reduced operational friction.

360 degree view of risk

Get a composite view of your third parties at any point in time with live data that connects screening alerts to aggregate contract value through to cyber, ESG, conflicts of interest risks and more.


Unify your organization’s third-party universe

Create a single point of entry to deploy a consistent due diligence approach, reduce duplicates and eradicate unmanaged risk.

One integrated platform

Centralize third parties by synching up your program with your enterprise platform ecosystem.

Single point of entry

Create a single point of entry for new and legacy third parties for trustworthy outputs and no duplicates.

Instant visibility

Tailor overviews for every stakeholder to provide contained insights or a bird’s eye view of risk levels, status, and alerts.

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Onboard & automate

Effectively deploy time and resources

Reduce onboarding time with automated due diligence workflows and stay on top of changes with dynamic monitoring capabilities.

Condition intake channels

Condition input to kick-off the appropriate due diligence workflows and trigger additional queries or escalations as needed.

Concurrent workstreams

Automatically kick-off multiple concurrent assessments into different risk categories with pre-assigned risk owners.

Automate risk categorization

Build in business rules to automatically approve low value vendors and solicit human intervention only where it matters.


Dynamic monitoring

Attention often gets directed to third party due diligence with little dedicated to post onboarding. TPRM on the Integrity Platform is a closed-loop workflow solution where every capability directed at uncovering risk at the start of the relationship is kept on during the execution of it.

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Engage people and reduce friction

Design tailored user journeys and empower stakeholders to effectively manage risk specific to their remit. Collaborate, tag, and solicit information with integrated communication tools or through email integrations for a seamless flow of updates.

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Consolidate data for one source of truth

Combine inputs with transactional data to screenings, investigations and any other data source by tapping into robust enterprise platform integrations and smart workflow connectors for a true view of risk.

Connect all risk data

Feed data from the rest of your enterprise ecosystem and other compliance processes into each third party profile.

Integrate data sources

Leverage embedded data sources and augment inputs with automated screening and enhanced due diligence reports.

Build a third party 360 view

Automatically capture every inherent risk area and related conflict, incident or filed gift under a consolidated profile.

Enhanced Due Diligence

GAN Integrity and Control Risks have formed a strategic partnership to bring you a state-of-the-art solution uniting flexible technology with global risk intelligence enabling you to enter global third party agreements with confidence.

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Report & analyze

Connect data points across your program

Report and analyze data across the platform, regardless of process, and augment third party risk profiles with relevant internal risk indicators.

Your TPRM reporting experience

With our Third Party Risk Management solution, you can report on third-party assessments and monitor changing data - from screening to changes in the scope of the relationship. All data is captured into reports that establish connections between internal and external risks to surface any conflicts, gifts or investigation connected to a given third party. The possibilities are endless.

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Build the solution that is right for you

Tap into no-code, workflow-based technology to design and scale a solution that meets the current and emerging needs of your business.

We have designed a program that fits in seamlessly with how the business operates.

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Jessie O'Neil,
Business Integrity Global Lead

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