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Gifts & entertainment

Manage gifts, travel, and entertainment requests

Transform manual processes into integrated approval workflows to collect data and manage requests with an accessible and intuitive solution.

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Simplify disclosure request management

Design a streamlined intake flow to guide users through the submission process quickly. Accommodate the needs of all employees with a mobile-responsive, accessible, and customizable application.

Cross-functional collaboration

Engage stakeholders business-wide

Automatically involve the right stakeholders in the review process to ensure any attendant risks are captured and mitigated with scalable and customized role-based access controls.

Capture exceptions

Tailor your view to only show the requests you need to focus on and save filters to quickly access your custom list views.

Tailor views

Design a system that can handle exceptions, with easy access to the right expertise to assess related risks at the right stage of the process.

When you can integrate the data you are tracking — that’s where I truly see the future of analytics, tracking, and measurement for ethics and compliance.

Deborah Spanic,
Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at Clarios


Deploy custom workflows

With flexible workflows, tailored intake forms, and custom access control, you can build the request approval process to meet requirements of all business units globally.

Dynamic routing

Leverage intelligent automation and data points to determine the relevant next steps for users, then route requests to the relevant approvers.

Custom thresholds

Set thresholds determined by your organizational risk tolerance and geographical region-specific requirements to automatically approve requests.

Automated escalations

Automatically trigger escalations to stakeholders with defined attributes to automate flagging of risky requests or unknown gift recipients.


Operations-embedded request management

Integrate gifts and entertainment platforms with the enterprise software ecosystem already deployed in your business. Make the submission and approval process easily accessible for all employees.

Complete visibility

Maintain a connected view of request initiators, disclosures and research, and consequential risk profiles for quick access to all relevant information.

Automated data collection

Link requests to multiple recipients as needed to compile holistic risk profiles for complex disclosures.

Integrated platforms

Allow users to dynamically create, update, or delete requests from different enterprise platforms without disruption.

With the Integrity Platform, you can connect data across users and requests throughout all modules. Break silos between applications that often manifest from lesser compliance solutions. Initiate enhanced due diligence, investigations, or screenings required for any process in any business unit all within one platform.

Reporting & analytics

Discover patterns through reports

Break down traditional process barriers with resorts that pull data from across the platform and from external tools to manage disclosures in relation to risks across controls and users.

Contextualize risks

Create reports by pulling data from across the platform to manage disclosures in relation to risks across controls and users.

Get insights

Create tailored reports for stakeholders and highlight business operations that represent significant GTE risk.

See data in aggregate

Package information based on filtering criteria and identify patterns to mitigate underlying risk causes.

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