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The Integrity Builder

Create a space for participants of ethical business transformation by innovating outside the confines of traditional compliance technology.

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Complexity control

Because one size doesn’t fit all, every solution designed on the platform is custom implemented to meet each business’s needs.



Remove bottlenecks and unintuitive interactions to make ethical choices obvious for everyone.


Enduring scalability

Continuously evolve your applications to support the changing needs of your business with a scalable platform.

It’s really easy to use. Any changes we’ve ever wanted have been simple and quick, so I think that’s phenomenal.


A technology limited only by the imagination

Meet the business where it is and your people where they are: that’s the premise of the Integrity Builder experience. It’s about tailoring every interaction with the platform, making it inviting to increase adoption, and maximizing efficiency to propel the business.


Future proof your program

Because change is the only constant, the Integrity Platform is designed to support the growing needs of our customers. With our scalable configuration package, we ensure you can adapt to world events, business pivots, audit recommendations, or simply bright ideas.


Design your application in collaboration with our solutions consultants, conform it to your organizational structure, and ensure your ethics program is embedded with the strategic blueprint of your business.


We offer ongoing access to expertise and domain knowledge to help you modify your application or process workflows, engage and onboard new stakeholders, and support the growing internal and external demand of your business.


Take advantage of premium support throughout your journey with us. From onboarding to application management, we guarantee the highest level of support and partnership is always at your side.

The reporting & analytics experience

Share insights across the business

Anticipate risk, strengthen your company’s ability to provide risk mitigation coverage, be a catalyst for growth, and work in lockstep with your organization’s strategic outlook.


Red Hat bridged processes through digital transformation to turn third-party management into a truly partner-centric process.


Clarios simplified the whistleblowing portal and created a simple, direct case management process for all employees.


Infront connected all compliance processes on the Integrity Platform to achieve unparalleled analytic insight and reporting capabilities.


Barrick expanded their high-risk transaction platform with the Business Integrity platform to enforce proper due diligence.

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We help the smartest companies connect ethics to business through elevated experiences.

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