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The Integrity Platform

Where process and ethics converge to power ethical business transformation.

The Integrity Builder

Deliver ethical experiences, everywhere.


Manage risk

From change management to global risk event handling, align people and process to leave no risk unmanaged.


Change behavior

Deliver on your ethical transformation strategy by impacting behavior through every compliance interaction.


Drive long-term value

Turn compliance into a strategic lever for building an all-encompassing competitive edge for your business.

Drive tangible impact with the Integrity Platform, making your people active participants in a journey toward ethical business transformation by engaging them with ethical experiences at all touchpoints.

The stakeholder experience

Unite your people and business

Transform reactive user management into instant, scalable visibility into critical data across functions.


Customized access controls allow for granular dissemination of data. User attributes govern visibility and access to accommodate complex organizational structures.


Employ structured change management with internal and external stakeholders to mitigate disruption from organizational restructuring.


Enable strong data validation supported by secure data processing. Safe collaboration underpins all user engagement with the Integrity Platform.

The productivity experience

Extend compliance to all business units

Encode business rules into operations, embedding ethics into every user journey. Avoid superimposed compliance procedures; support fully inlined ethics practices.


Embed your unique business rules into every workflow and input form to cut back on unnecessary steps in user journeys.


Adapt workflows at scale and capture additional data points to accommodate for external and internal changes to risk.


Automate operations and use data thresholds as triggers, ensuring tasks are completed and risk prevention audits are queued.

With GAN, it’s one or two clicks and they can find the data. It’s much easier to have information centralized in one place.

Barbara Lustenberger,
Head Group Compliance at Infront Sports & Media AG

The integration experience

Construct an enterprise-grade data ecosystem

Build bridges between teams and connect processes to align ethics and transactions for sustainable growth


Leverage intelligence delivered from industry-leading risk consultancies directly to your platform for a holistic view of risk.


Enrich any record across your enterprise software ecosystem with data at scale, allowing for the rapid and embedded augmentation of data.


Enable everyone to make far-reaching assessments with highly secure data governed through customized integration setups and embedded visibility rules.

The reporting & analytics experience

Share insights across the business

Anticipate risk, strengthen your company’s ability to provide risk mitigation coverage, be a catalyst for growth, and work in lockstep with your organization’s strategic outlook.


Cultivate one source of truth with data in and across the organization packaged through integrations and business rules to give you a harmonized view of exposure.


Analyze any data point across the platform, applications, users, and processes to get a holistic view of risk and to empower the business with meaningful insights.


Tailor dashboards to provide stakeholders with a unique view based on their access rights and allow everyone to build reports on their risk containment strategies.

The user experience

Make adoption a requirement of your program

Treat usability and adoption from a design and user journey perspective, making everyone an active participant in the ethical transformation agenda.


Guide every interaction with customized user journeys and embedded instructions to ensure all touchpoints are intuitive and impactful.


Give employees a voice regardless of working environment, language, role, or disability. And make sure it’s heard.


Embed compliance checks into existing tooling and allow employees to complete tasks easily and without leaving those familiar tools.

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