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From compliance to sustainability



  • Emily Morgan (Control Risks Vantage - Client Services Director, Control Risks)
  • Robert Bailes (Director, Sustainable Supply Chains, Control Risks)
  • Tim Morss (SVP Sales, GAN Integrity)

Third-party risk management has evolved at a rapid pace over the past decade. The regulatory environment has quickly followed suit. Enterprises, however, are struggling to keep up despite increased reliance on external supply chain ecosystems. Pressures are rising on how to grapple with the growing set of compliance, reputational, and sustainability requirements set by regulators, employees, investors, and consumers. Vulnerabilities to cyber attacks, human rights violations, financial crime, and environmental impact are growing as third-party structures become more opaque, supply chains more complex, and data more overwhelming.

In our webinar, we are bringing experts together from GAN Integrity and Control Risks to discuss how compliance teams can build resilience into third-party control frameworks, manage compliance, manage sustainability risks, and everything in between for a future-proof program.

Get insights from Control Risks, the industry’s leading consultancy on third-party risk management and ESG, and learn from expert advisors from GAN Integrity how the right technology can help you build and scale your program without the struggles of change management.