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An ethical agenda


  • Kristy Grant Hart
    Spark Compliance
  • Pieter De Maertelaere
    Senior Compliance Advisory Manager

Countless hours are put into designing the perfect compliance and ethics program, but how does it translate into actual business practices and employee behavior? What happens when those meticulously devised policies and procedures hit the real world?

Too often, matters related to ethics are locked into the remit of compliance teams when, in reality, building an ethical corporate culture requires investment from everyone in the business. It is only through the active participation and invested responsibility of every employee, that ethical agendas come to life.

Hear from our experts Kristy Grant Hart, CEO of Spark Compliance and Pieter De Maertelaere Senior Compliance Advisory Manager at FIFA, on the challenges and opportunities that come with mobilizing the business to adopt an ethical mindset and embrace change.

Key takeaways: