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Disclosure Management Solutions

Discover a better way to manage disclosure compliance. Implement code of conduct policies and training, capture conflicts of interest and disclosure forms, and engage your employees—all in one unified system. Now it’s easier to stay ahead of risks and uphold your ethical values.


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Key pillars of a disclosure management program

Disclosure management builds on reinforcing your organization's commitment to an ethical culture and complying with global anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws like the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), SAPIN II, and the U.K. Bribery Act. By prioritizing transparency and integrity in every business dealing and requiring employees to disclose potential conflicts of interest as soon as they arise, you help ensure that actions are not perceived as unduly influencing business decisions. Best practices for recognizing, avoiding, reporting, and preventing issues include:

Policy management

Establish clear, detailed policies for disclosures, covering all relevant areas such as gifts, travel, entertainment, financial interests, and conflicts of interest.

User-friendly disclosure process

Implement an intuitive process for employees to disclose potential conflicts of interest.

Centralized data governance

Maintain a centralized repository for all disclosures, ensuring they are easily accessible for review, reporting, and to provide evidence to auditors and regulators.

Automated workflows and alerts

Utilize workflows to automate the approval and review process for disclosures. Implement escalations to notify relevant stakeholders of potential risks.

Training and awareness programs

Provide ongoing education and training for employees on the importance of recording disclosures to help identify the potential risk of bribery and corruption.

Monitoring and auditing

Conduct regular monitoring and auditing of the disclosure process to ensure compliance with policies and regulations and identify any areas for improvement.

Reporting and analytics

Generate detailed reports and analytics to provide insights into disclosure trends, potential risks, and compliance levels across the organization.


An effective disclosure program requires continuous evaluation and flexibility to adapt to updated regulations, changes in business strategy, and regularly reviewing controls to ensure they remain effective and relevant.

Compliance officer challenge2

Challenges in building a disclosure management program

Implementing an effective disclosure management program can sometimes feel like an unfair fight.

Compliance teams often face limited budgets and resources, making it difficult to establish a comprehensive policy framework that meets both regulatory requirements and the company’s ethical standards. Continuous education and communication are essential for employees to recognize and disclose potential conflicts. Ensuring consistent and accurate reporting across the organization is another key challenge.

Disclosures are crucial in fighting corruption and elevating ethics, and compliance teams deserve better tools and support to manage them effectively.

Building better disclosure programs with GAN Integrity

Fortunately, with the right resources, technology, and support, you can build a world-class Disclosure Management program. That’s why leading organizations around the world rely on GAN Integrity. We help you:

See everything

  • Third-party due diligence: Link disclosures to third parties to assess conflicts of interest in conjunction with your due diligence risk assessment workflows.
  • Data aggregation & reporting: Uncover patterns in conflicts of interest and other disclosures that need your attention.
  • Campaign management: Engage employees to capture and review disclosures as they occur to manage potential risk exposure.

Adapt to anything

  • Regulatory analysis: Assess gaps between new and changing regulations and your current procedures to ensure you remain compliant.
  • Configurable disclosures: Tailor processes to meet your compliance and risk frameworks – including conflicts of interest, gifts, entertainment, and family connections.
  • Policy management: Build a library of disclosure policies, easily updated and accessible to employees.

Get all the help you need

  • Expert guidance & support: Leverage our team of specialists for guidance on navigating complex regulations and developing effective disclosure management strategies.
  • Employee training and communication: Equip your employees with the knowledge and skills to make the right ethical decisions through engaging online training programs and targeted communication campaigns.
  • Streamlined workflow management: Efficiently manage approvals, revisions, and updates to your disclosure management program.

Our Products And Solutions


Conflict of Interests Management

Manage employee conflicts of interest disclosures with an easy to use, configurable platform. Capabilities include:

  • Reporting and analytics: Role-based dashboards to identify areas of potential exposure with actions and remediation workflows to mitigate risks.
  • Campaign management: Create conflicts of interest campaigns to inform and engage employees with training, policies and regular disclosure campaigns.
  • Third-party risk integration: Track conflicts of interest disclosures against third parties and suppliers for a comprehensive view of risk.
Conflicts of Interest

The GAN Integrity Platform means all your compliance and ethics programs can be managed in one place - now that's better.

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