Risk Management Software

Bring scale and efficiency to risk management

Identify and mitigate risks across your organization with a centralized and data-driven risk management platform allowing you to operate in real-time.

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Rise above needless complexity

Conducting risk assessments doesn’t have to be complex. With GAN’s configurable and extendable compliance risk management software you can work holistically with data and stakeholders across your business to scope accurate risk assessments in real-time.

Increased visibility

Collect information on organizational risks from across the business in our centralized compliance risk management software. Aggregate the data and automate risk scoring to get a complete overview of your company’s exposure with actionable heat maps. Configure your dashboard to display all the data you need to discern hidden risks from a single view.

Rigorous mitigation

Deploy the platform’s powerful user governance functionalities to delegate mitigation tasks and monitor implementation progress from your dashboard. Leverage automated completion reminders and systematic adjustment of risk scores once mitigations are successfully carried out.

On-going monitoring

Stay proactive with automated alerts upon changes to risk factors bringing the need to re-launch risk assessments instantly to your attention. Leverage an extendable and flexible platform to continuously improve and update your risk assessment processes and controls.

Combine a decentralized approach with centralized oversight

Have spreadsheets or siloed tools proved inefficient in scoping and executing on your risk assessment? Deploy automated workflow processes and enable local teams across business units to identify and qualify risks in real-time. Let the data flow back into our centralized compliance risk management software to give you a complete overview of risks and company exposure. Leverage the platform’s automated risk scoring capabilities to quickly understand the levels of risk your business contends with.

A Best-in-Class
Risk Management Workflow

Configure risk management processes to seamlessly cater to your company and dynamically evolve with your risk and business management strategy. Configure risk management processes to deploy resources proportionately to the risks you face and maximize the efficiency and impact or your risk management program.

Proven methodology

GAN’s integrated platform allows you to configure and scale your process throughout the organization enabling you to streamline your risk assessment process.

Streamlined risk assessment

Automated and rule-based scoring enables you to address risks consistently and focus your resources and efforts on high-risk matters first.

On-going Documentation

Find auditable trails of every risk assessment and mitigation action carried out by you or by risk owners across the business in the platform’s audit log.

Gather information and map your risks with a risk management tool

Gather information and map your risks with a risk management tool

Adequately scope your risk assessment to gather the correct information from the relevant business units. With our compliance risk management software, you can centralize the data and aggregate the results to efficiently assess risks.

  • Launch customized questionnaire campaigns to stakeholders in all business units to identify business risks and risk factors.
  • Centralize the data collected across the organization in a single repository.
  • Aggregate the data and analyze the results with configurable dashboards and practical charts.

Gain a clear picture of your company’s risk exposure

Gain a clear picture of your company’s risk exposure

Visualize the results of risk assessments with actionable heat maps and clearly identify where your efforts need to be channelled.

  • Configure risk rating scales and metrics that you see fit to assess the criticality of risks.
  • Map and categorize risks based on likelihood and impact or any other indicator of your choice.
  • Leverage configurable dashboards to quickly identify where to focus your resources.

Bring all your risk data onto one screen

  • Compliance Manager
    • Tailor risk questionnaire campaigns
    • View all risk data in the aggregate
    • Assign mitigation tasks to risk owners
    • Monitor implementation of actions
    • Monitor risks and update assessments
  • Risk Owners
    • Identify and assess risks within their business unit
    • Complete questionnaires and send feedback to compliance
    • Complete mitigation actions

A risk management platform that establishes mitigations and monitors implementation

A risk management platform that establishes mitigations and monitors implementation

Turn risk assessment results and insights into concrete remediation plans. Leverage the platform’s powerful user governance functionalities to delegate mitigation tasks to risk owners and monitor implementation.

  • Connect mitigation plans to each risk through configurable workflows and monitor the effectiveness of controls.
  • Automatically assign tasks to risk owners to ensure that risks are remediated.
  • Set automatic reminders to ensure successful deployment and follow-up.
  • Launch new risk assessments whenever necessary, no need to wait until next year.

Visualize data and spot hidden risks with our risk management solution

Visualize data and spot hidden risks with our risk management solution

Allow your risk management program to constantly evolve with real-time data and smart workflows. Continuously assess your risks and improve your controls to protect your organization.

  • Receive alerts as the platform systematically flags changes affecting risk assessments.
  • Retrieve actionable insights with reporting and aggregation and improve your risk management processes.
  • Measure progress over time and track all activities in the activity log.
  • Pull and filter data from your dashboard and generate board-ready reports.

An Enterprise Ready Risk Management Platform

Establish a best practice risk management program or build a solution that meets the unique needs of your business. With the platform’s configurable workflows you can design and implement scalable processes that can support even the most complex structures. Customize intake forms to capture the appropriate data you need to identify and properly measure risks, deploy the platform’s unlimited user governance capabilities to accommodate processes to your unique organizational structure, and leverage encompassing dashboards to monitor effectiveness and report on your success.

Implement a best-in-class risk management program, today

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Integrated Risk Management

Connect the data, the people and the insights gathered from your risk management program with the rest of your compliance processes and realize the benefits of integrated compliance management.

Visualize data

Build dashboards to visualize data from every compliance process across the board and identify hidden risks.

Correlate mitigations

Gain visibility into how your training, investigations, and every other compliance process is working to mitigate risks.

Connect people

Ensure that every person working for your business or on behalf of it is embedded in your risk management program.

Earn a seat at the strategy table

Pivot your risk management program to become a driver of competitive advantages with GAN’s risk management platform, today.