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Conflict of interest management software trusted by the world's leading brands


Streamline disclosure management

Automate manual processes for collecting and reviewing gift requests with a centralized solution. Engage employees with a user-friendly submission application, while automatically escalating and flagging high-risk transactions to create more efficiency across your team.

Why choose the Integrity Platform?

Easily accessible for all employees

Roll out an intuitive and accessible platform to accommodate all your employees’ needs across different work environments. Leverage localization capabilities to accommodate different language requirements and ensure employees can access applications via their mobile.


Embedded disclosure processes for higher adoption

Integrate your gifts and entertainment disclosure process with transactional enterprise platforms. Embed disclosures into operations, further ease adoption, and meet all compliance requirements.

Break down traditional process barriers

Connect gifts and entertainment data with adjacent compliance processes. Discover how transactions can potentially impact other risk areas, such as conflicts or business relationships.


Customized role-based access

Leverage the platform’s role-based access controls to effectively sort requests and notify relevant collaborators. Tailor views and save frequently visited dashboards for quick access and efficient processing.

Inform and engage stakeholders

Train and raise awareness on the risks associated with gifts and entertainment and ensure everyone knows how to disclose requests with the Integrity Campaign Manager. A unified platform that empowers employees with the guidance they need to properly declare gifts and hospitalities when doing business.


Benefits of our gifts and entertainment management software

Quick and simple disclosure management

  • Streamline your company-wide approach to disclosure management with risk-based application workflows.
  • Ensure employees input the information you need to review requests with tailored and dynamic data collection forms.
  • Approve requests below business-set thresholds and escalate ones that require the attention of compliance.
  • Save time by creating automated rules around which disclosures require human intervention.

Increase cross-functional collaboration

  • Automatically involve the right stakeholders in the review process with role-based access controls.
  • Leverage in-app communication tools to communicate with employees or reviewers.
  • Easily tag stakeholders, escalate disclosures, or re-engage employees directly from the interface.
  • Notify users and help everyone complete assignments on time with scheduled reminders.

Enhance productivity

  • Save time by automatically approving low-value requests.
  • Enable reviewers with a centralized dashboard with quick access to actions and request status.
  • Increase efficiency by enabling users to save views of frequently visited gift and entertainment requests based on the filters they choose.
  • Maintain a centralized, auditable trail of all disclosure requests and related compliance activities for later reference.

Mitigate risks

  • See trends and patterns with a holistic view of your program via integrated reporting and analytics dashboards.
  • Embed mitigation workflows into high-risk transactions and easily keep track of the effective implementation of actions.
  • Automatically block or escalate requests involving foreign officials or ones exceeding company-set thresholds.
  • Assess your program and address bottlenecks with a centralized view of all your data.

Intuitive and accessible features

Mobile-friendly and easy to navigate
  • Deploy a mobile-responsive application to enable employees to disclose requests from anywhere.
  • Guide users with embedded instructions and links to policies.
  • Greet users with a centralized welcome portal tailored to every employee’s role.
  • Role-based access controls enable personalized journeys for every user.
  • Design the disclosure process that best meets your needs with highly flexible workflows.
  • Scale your process to reflect business changes or new regulatory requirements with easily adaptable workflows.
  • Deploy a tailored disclosure process for different regional units to accommodate local requirements and laws.
  • Easily automate new and changing policy requirements by embedding business rules into your process.
  • Benefit from a centralized platform to collect all gift and entertainment requests.
  • Aggregate the total value of gifts submitted by each user to assess risks holistically.
  • Connect data points across processes and see how gifts and entertainment risks may impact other risk areas such as business partnerships.
  • Integrate your compliance process with spend management platforms and empower finance teams to further scrutinize transactions.
  • Design tailored dashboards with customizable reporting and analytics capabilities.
  • Engage reviews and other stakeholders by granting them contained access to data based on their role.
  • Share reports with a few clicks directly from the interface.
  • Connect data points across different processes to how other risks relate to your disclosure data.

When you can integrate the data you are tracking — that’s where I truly see the future of analytics, tracking, and measurement for ethics and compliance.

Deborah Spanic

Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer at Clarios


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