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User Experience

Easily collect donation declarations

Increase adoption and thereby compliance by enabling every employee to know when and how to declare donations and sponsorships.

Simple submissions

Implement an intuitive and easy to use platform with a mobile responsive interface, ensuring every employee can easily submit donation and sponsorship requests.

Accessibility first

Accommodates all users independent of language, background, work environment, or disability so all donations and sponsorships requests are heard.

Guided assistance

Ensure the submission process is clear and intuitive. Guarantee all required data is captured in one place with direct submission process guidance.


Reduce friction; increase productivity

Tap into flexible workflows and conditional routing to automate tasks and efficiently deploy resources for higher productivity.


Customized processes

Tailor approval flows for donations and sponsorships to meet the needs of all business units. Customize user journeys for submitters and approvers alike.

Escalate conditionally

Set trigger criteria to automatically queue high-risk transactions for thorough auditing, such as those involving foreign officials.

Tailor input forms

Tailor submission forms to include questions and data that promote efficient processing. Trigger routing based on embedded risk ratings.

Reporting & Analytics

Gain full visibility of contributions

Manage reputational risk from donations and sponsorships with tailored dashboards allowing you to identify patterns and risk indicators in all layers of business.

Centralize information

Maintain a global overview of all donations and sponsorships, and filter views into subset reports for deeper analysis and review.

Build audit trails

Automatically construct an audit trail with an integrated audit log documenting all activity, including documentation and uploads.

Monitor perpetually

Monitor transactions by setting mitigation criteria, ensuring appropriate follow-up on the use of donations for all matching transactions.

Powerful Integrations

Connect data for heightened visibility

Integrate donation and sponsorship reports with all other risk controls. Review risks for contribution recipients that surface from screening, investigations, and conflict.


Deep connections

Integrate your application with any enterprise platform and embed donation and sponsorship-related business rules throughout.

Embed criteria

Mitigate bribery risk by integrating with expense management platforms. Empower financial departments to enforce and uphold compliance.

Integrate intelligence

Tap into risk intelligence with integrated third-party data providers, ensuring contribution recipients are screened against sanctions and adverse media.

Strengthen stakeholder accountability

Strengthen stakeholder accountability

Tailor review processes to the needs of stakeholders in all business units based on risk, operation, and region.


Defendable infrastructure

Embed compliance checks into operations and enable stakeholders in finance, procurement, or other functions to systematically flag donation or sponsorship risks.

Swift collaboration

Allow reviewers and submitters to easily collaborate by leveraging integrated chat and notes sections for seamless communication, follow-up, and clarification of requests.

Systematic notifications

Systematically notify stakeholders of pending reports and leverage reminders to ensure reviews and follow-ups are completed on time.

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