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Conflict of interest management software trusted by the world's leading brands

See our configurable solution in action

Manage all conflict of interest declarations in one place with our centralized conflicts of interest software.


  • Easily engage stakeholders with role-based access controls.
  • Allow employees to seamlessly submit input with dynamic and personalized declaration forms.
  • Escalate high-risk declarations with automation and embedded risk scoring.
  • Track data in real-time and spot trends at scale with integrated reporting and analytics.

Why choose our conflict of interest software?

Increase participation

Make it easy to declare conflicts of interest with an intuitive platform that guides users through a tailored submission journey. Our accessible conflicts of interest platform allows employees with different backgrounds and varying work environments to submit actual or potential conflicts from any device at any time.


Scale and grow your program

Design a conflicts of interest disclosure program that meets the needs of your business today, while scaling processes for the demands of the future. No-code workflows and dynamic role-based access controls make sure your program grows with your business.

Integrate and connect data

Integrate your conflict of interest program with your enterprise platform ecosystem and allow data to flow back into a centralized system. Integrations can even be established across compliance processes to connect conflict declarations to investigations, business relationships, or other for a more holistic view of risk.


Break silos

Connect processes and people to create full visibility across all conflicts of interest that might expose your business to risk. Engage stakeholders at scale through a streamlined disclosure submission and review process and allow seamless collaboration with integrated chat and notes functionalities.

Engage and raise awareness

Benefit from integrated policy, training, and disclosure campaigns to keep employees informed of critical conflict of interest policies and procedures. Deploy disclosure campaigns at scale and at the cadence you desire to ensure higher engagement with your program.


Benefits of a centralized solution

Enhance visibility

  • Capture all conflicts in one platform to increase visibility and reduce redundant work.
  • Leverage role-based access controls to effectively triage declarations and engage stakeholders with tailored dashboard views.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of all declarations or hone in on individual ones to track progress and resolve bottlenecks.
  • Maintain an auditable trail of all activity with the platform’s integrated and automated audit log.

Simplify the submission process

  • Engage employees with tailored user journeys and embedded policies and instructions for additional guidance.
  • Utilize dynamic input forms to only solicit answers relevant to the user and the nature of the declaration.
  • Create an intuitive and user-friendly hub for employees to interact with any compliance requirement with the platform’s centralized portal.
  • Ensure your program is accessible to all employees to accommodate deskless workers and employees with special needs.

Capture conflicts quickly and proactively

  • Engage future employees in the disclosure process to minimize potential risks brought on by new hires.
  • Analyze data and spot patterns with the platform’s embedded reporting dashboards.
  • Connect across compliance processes to see how conflicts might impact other risk areas such as business partnerships.
  • Rely on automations to escalate conflicts to the appropriate stakeholders for review and mitigation.

Save time and reduce operational costs

  • Streamline your conflict of interest review process to improve efficiency and consistency across the business
  • Adapt to changing business realities with the platform’s scalable user governance infrastructure allowing you to absorb new and changing teams.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders using the platform’s integrated notes and chat module to augment declarations with additional clarifications and documentation.
  • Report on the performance of your program with powerful reporting capabilities and share findings with management.

Key features of our COI software

Transparent reporting

Build custom dashboards to track the metrics that reflect your business and compliance requirements and easily share insights with your management or board with a few clicks. View data in real-time and customize reports to analyze any two or more data points across the entire platform.

Leverage platform automations and underlying risk scoring to automatically resolve and document low-risk declarations, while immediately escalating high-risk ones to the right stakeholders using system notifications.

Tailor the full conflict of interest declaration process with dynamic and interactive disclosure forms. Ensure you are collecting the data you need while engaging employees with only relevant questions based on their roles and the nature of the conflict.

Connect data across processes and see how actual or potential conflicts might impact adjacent risk areas. Real-time data feeds allow you to stay on top of changing conflict data, spot early risk indicators, and find up-to-date holistic assessments of risk.

Deploy an easy-to-use declaration application with GAN Integrity’s accessible and intuitive solution. Further enhance the user experience by tailoring interactions based on user roles, geographical location, work environment, and other special needs.

Design the disclosure process that meets your unique needs. Leverage customized risk scoring models and conditions to effectively triage, resolve and close cases, and adapt your program with flexible and scalable workflows whenever changing business needs require process adjustments.

“We have designed a program that fits in seamlessly with how the business operates.”

— Jessie O’Neil, Business Integrity Global Lead