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An antitrust compliance program may be the most critical element of your comprehensive compliance strategy.

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Prevent antitrust violations

Holistic antitrust risk management

Establish strong antitrust safeguards with centralized management of competitive contacts and a repository of antitrust reports and violations in a single view.

Reporting & analytics

Reveal hidden risk

Leverage embedded analytics to report on data across your platform. Tailor dashboards of antitrust activities and violations to resolve risk and make preventative change in your risk management program.

Centralize information

Find an overview of all associations, competitor contacts, and related meeting requests in a central repository.

Identify patterns

Culminate data across your program and adjacent compliance processes to identify patterns and proactively address antitrust risk.

Audit trails

Maintain a record of all activities automatically stored in the platform’s audit log, giving you an auditable process trail.

User experience

Track all user interactions

Empower employees to become the eyes and ears of the business so they may protect it again antitrust violations with effective, easy reporting.

Provide user tools

Provide employees with an intuitive interface and a process to report on past and future interactions with competitors.

Streamline channels

Use an integrated platform and uniform submission tools to ensure employees know how and when to file a violation.

Quick follow-up

Allow users to update submissions by providing meeting agendas, post-attendance minutes, and unexpected exchanges.


Embed antitrust controls

Connect your antitrust application to adjacent compliance processes, ensuring you are executing on information in context. Give employees capability to submit reports through anonymous compliance channels.

Manage holistically

Connect compliance controls, including due diligence, incident management, donations, to your antitrust process.

Integrate intelligently

Connect your antitrust application to external enterprise software or data partners serving as intelligence feeds.

Extend safeguard

Integrate your application with business operations such as contract, expense management, and speak up lines.

With GAN Integrity, it’s one or two clicks and they can find the data... it’s much easier to have information centralized in one place.

Barbara Lustenberger,
Head of Compliance at Infront Sports


Increase process efficiency

Create efficiency with automation and conditional escalations. Focus resources on review high-risk interactions; automatically approve those of low risk. Review all interactions with in-app audit trails.

Enhance visibility

Manage competitor contacts and associations centrally. Assess all related meetings and interactions in one platform.

Automate conditionally

Trigger the appropriate approval workflow with integrated risk criteria. Automatically approve submissions below a threshold.

React quickly

Allow stakeholders to communicate through an integrated messaging tool or capture email conversations via your email system.


Foster accountability

Tailor review processes to the needs of stakeholders in all business units based on risk, operation, and region. Empower local compliance teams with tailored task overviews.

Decentralize management

Map review and approval processes to the right stakeholders, decentralizing management of antitrust risk.

Integrate remediations

Enable stakeholders to attach adequate remediations or assign mitigating actions to the appropriate antitrust risk owners.

Increase engagement

Embed antitrust controls into operations, engaging stakeholders by making it easy and accessible to flag violations.

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