How Can All-in-One Compliance Management Software Help You?

No more worrying about coordinating the many pieces of your compliance programs.

From employee training to third-party due diligence, GAN brings your compliance and all its data together in one place. The result?

Less hassle, lower risk, and total visibility into the information you care about in one place.

What will All-In-One Mean for You?


With GAN, you can combine time-consuming compliance tasks into simple, automated campaigns. So, frustrating processes like getting employees to sign policies now take minutes, not weeks.


Because GAN is an integrated platform, all of your critical compliance systems, docs, and data are now in one, powerful, integrated system. Integration means everything is more effective. 


Our customer success team is here to help you with everything from creating policies to fielding inquires from employees,  which means less work for you and no frustration for them.