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Become more efficient with our policy management software.

Create, publish, and assign policies across various business units, geographies, and languages.

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policy management software

Policy Management Software

Policy brings together all critical steps to ensure the most basic requirements of compliance: Creating, publishing and signing company policies and codes of conduct. The policy management software module saves you time and spares you the hassle of chasing signatures. Assign the right policies to the right employees all from one single portal. Track and report on completion rates with a click from any device.

Centralize all policies in a single portal library

  • Drop messy share drives and centralize all of your policies in a single portal
  • Upload your policies or select one of our expert developed policies from the policy library
  • Find policies with real-time search and advanced filters
  • Review, edit or update policies in the portal library
policy management software version
policy management software groups

Assign the right policies to the right employees using policy management software

  • Effortlessly import employee lists into the policy manager
  • Assign policies to employees or employee groups you’ve created
  • Suggest additional role-specific content to certain employees
  • Endow employees with easy access to read and sign policies via their own mobile-friendly accounts
  • Leverage secure, single sign-on, to eliminate the need for an additional employee login

Track certification and maintain overview of progress

  • View the progress of policies with real-time data at your fingertips
  • Stop chasing employees around to sign policies thanks to automatic reminders
  • Send automatic notifications to relevant stakeholders when policies are updated
  • Quickly view the number and type of policies assigned, signed and pending
policy management software
policy management software

Report on your policy management success

  • Easily share CEO and Board-ready reports
  • Track certifications at a glance and pull reports to see more details
  • Aggregate and analyze data to spot trends
  • Look up specific policies and training completed by individual employees

It’s time to save time. Simplify your policy management today with our policy management software.

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