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What is Integrated Compliance Management?

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Bring All Your Data and People
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GAN’s Integrated Compliance Management platform has the tools you need to work holistically with data, across processes, and collaboratively with people, across business departments.

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Integrated compliance management is about embedding compliance in every operation, every employee, or third party in your business. Integrating compliance processes means systematizing the way in which every single employee approaches risky situations in their job. Streamline every compliance process and empower everyone working for and on behalf of your business to know when and how to meet compliance requirements in their working environment.

Make Better Use of Data

Gain full visibility of your entire compliance program with a centralized platform that allows you to connect external and internal information in one place. Conduct real-time risk assessments with actionable dashboards. Surface specific use cases to assess effectiveness and stay proactive with an integrated system of automated alerts. Infuse your program reporting with high levels of transparency and accountability for more informed business decisions.

Consolidate insights

Work holistically by centralizing and interconnecting all your data and users from across compliance processes throughout the platform.

Aggregate data

Configure your dashboards to aggregate data and evaluate the effectiveness of your compliance program. Use the insights to identify flaws, revise, and improve as you go.

Determine next steps

Pull data from across all compliance operations, in one screen, onto multiple configurable charts. Compare, analyze and discern risk factors and patterns from a single view.

Future Proof Your Compliance Program

Stay agile with a highly scalable solution to satisfy the present and future needs of the business and set you up for long term success.

A platform that evolves with you.

Seamlessly adjust your compliance process whenever a regulation is enhanced or your organization changes.

A tool that gives you room to adapt.

Leverage insights gathered from inputs to adapt your compliance process, increase efficiency, and optimize risk mitigation.

Build the program your organization needs.

Build a program that is as unique as your business. Configure processes to meet the specific needs imposed by your industry, regulatory environment, and business structure.

Tap Into Resources


  • Minimize human intervention by automating manual tasks and focus your efforts on high-risk matters.
  • Free up resources and transform the compliance function into an organizational resource.
  • Configure processes to make sure compliance is always looped and impose a compliance veto on all high risk workflows.


  • Seamlessly embed every user in the appropriate compliance operations.
  • Determine access permissions based on employee attributes with enterprise-ready governance and user management.
  • Engage team members in advance or ad hoc and ensure that the right stakeholders are involved in the right matters.


  • Empower your team with a simple and intuitive interface and tailored employee dashboards.
  • Leverage automated notifications and alerts to help everyone stay focused on priorities.
  • Engage management with on point reporting infused with unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability.

Supercharge Your Program with Integrated Compliance Management

With GAN’s Integrated Compliance Management platform you can build a closed-loop solution for every compliance process. The GAN platform has integrated functionality that guarantees adequate implementation of actions and effective mitigation of risks from start to finish.


Concentrate data from across departments and processes in one dashboard and leverage all teams across business units to identify and assess the different risks your company faces, to establish appropriate mitigation plans.


Deploy configurable risk rating scales and matrices that match your business indicators and risk appetite to properly and consistently assess the criticality of risks. Automate risk measurement for all your processes and get notified whenever changes impact one or more of your compliance processes.


Mitigate risks by deploying appropriate and proportional action plans with highly configurable workflows. From policies and training to comprehensive due diligence and more, the platform enables you to design and implement any compliance process you need.


Get the right content to the right people at the right time with the platform’s automated training campaigns. Whether it’s a new policy related-training, an awareness campaign, sensitizing third parties to related risks, you can launch training campaigns as part of a workflow step at any stage of the compliance process.


Engage compliance teams, employees, and managers from different business units in any compliance process. The platform’s powerful user governance features allow you to seamlessly give, limit or remove access permissions to every platform user, enabling you to expand your team as needed.


Connect all your processes together by allowing all workflows to communicate behind the scenes. Directly connect your risks to their appropriate control strategies and stay one step ahead with automated alerts whenever changes to risk factors surrounding these relationships are detected.


Allow every piece of data to flow back into a centralized platform to concentrate input and identify red flags. Leverage an encompassing dashboard to display and aggregate data to retrieve key insights. Deploy configurable charts to visualize risky patterns and make data-driven remediation plans.


Take a deep dive into implementation details of every mitigation action or get a bird’s eye view of task or campaign completion from your dashboard. Filter through groups and regions to compare effectiveness and ensure that your overall compliance program is consistently implemented.


Benefit from the dashboard’s filtering capabilities to drill down your data and create tailored reports to share with management. Export reports with a few clicks or grant your management user access to your dashboard view.


Benefit from the platform’s smart audit log to systematically store every update, file, comment or any other piece of data submitted under each instance. Find an auditable trail of every user safely stored in the activity log with the specific user name and date.

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