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Connect ethics to business with GAN’s integrated compliance management platform. Combine the platform’s highly configurable tools and integrated management process to set your compliance teams up for success every day.

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Why Integrated Compliance Management?

The GAN integrated compliance management platform merges Integrated Risk Management (IRM) with Business Process Management (BPM) to give you an Integrated Compliance Management solution empowering you to achieve better results, faster and more predictably.

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GAN’s integrated compliance management platform combines highly configurable functionalities to equip you with the extensibility to grow, the adaptability to improve and the flexibility to adjust.

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Policy Deployment

Policy Deployment

Streamline your policy and training program with Policy Deployment.

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Due Diligence

Keep third parties visible, screened, vetted, and continuously monitored.

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Gifts & Entertainment

Transform your gifts and entertainment reporting and approval.

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Handle cases consistently and efficiently from intake to closure.

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Risk Management

Bring scale and efficiency to your risk management process

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Conflicts of Interest

Collect, review, and monitor conflicts of interest declarations with ease and precision.

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From consulting to design, implementation, rollout, and support, we put experts at your service, every step of the way.

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