Gifts and Entertainment Compliance Software

Simplify your gifts and entertainment process

Transform manual processes into integrated workflows to collect gifts and entertainment requests, review or approve them, and alert key stakeholders along the way.

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Gain valuable insights
with minimal effort

Save your team’s resources and enable employees to protect the business from risk with a
streamlined and automated gifts and entertainment reporting and approval process.

Gain visibility

Maintain overview of all requests from our gifts and entertainment compliance software. Zoom in on individual requests to track their progress or get a bird’s eye view from your dashboard.

Stay proactive

Handle requests in a timely and adequate manner. Automatically route critical situations to dedicated compliance teams and make sure that all potential risks are contained.

Gain insight

Leverage the data gathered from gifts and entertainment requests to identify risky patterns and turn them into more astute mitigation plans.

Track gifts and entertainment requests with ease, every time

Tired of tracking employee requests in spreadsheets and emails? Leverage an integrated gifts and entertainment compliance software that makes it simple for employees to send requests from any device, at any time. Find every submitted, reviewed, and approved gift and entertainment stored in a centralized portal allowing you to always stay on top of situations that may create additional risk for your business.

A Best-in-Class workflow
with Risk in Focus

Handle employee requests in a timely manner by leveraging a highly intuitive platform, integrated messaging tools, and automatedapproval processes. Allocate the support of the compliance team to requests over predetermined thresholds and let our gifts and entertainment compliance software automatically handle low-risk requests to save valuable time and effort. Always be in the know with sophisticated dashboards and reporting capabilities and garner insights that help inform your overall compliance program.

Low-risk requests

Streamline your G&E process by setting thresholds for requests eligible for automatic approval. Leverage notifications to inform managers of approved requests.

Moderate-risk requests

Trigger a required review workflow whenever requests exceed preset thresholds. Automatically notify direct managers of pending requests.

High-risk requests

Enable direct managers with the capability to only pre-approve requests involving public officials and automatically notify compliance teams of pending high-risk requests.

Capture specific data for every request

Capture specific data for every request

Design your gifts and entertainment intake forms to capture all the data needed to appropriately process every request. Enable employees to submit requests at any time, from any device in a few clicks.

  • Customize intake forms to capture the data you need.
  • Enable employees to attach receipts and documentation for complete verification.
  • Leverage integrated messaging tools to communicate with employees when guidance is necessary.
  • Customize email templates and set automated notifications to send at any stage in the process.

Route requests to the proper parties with ease

Route requests to the proper parties with ease

Leverage powerful user governance capabilities to delegate the approval of G&E requests with ease. Allow direct managers to efficiently process their team’s low and moderate-risk requests and ensure that expert personnel systematically reviews high-risk situations.

  • Say goodbye to request backlogs thanks to automated reminders.
  • Automatically notify managers of pending requests as soon as they are submitted.
  • Engage additional stakeholders by seamlessly adding them to the approval process at any required stage.
  • Systematically escalate high-risk requests to compliance teams for additional scrutiny.

Bring everything you need to see onto one screen

  • Manager Portal
    • Review and approve G&E requests.
    • Escalate high-risk situations.
    • Get a full overview of requests and status.
    • Visualize all the data and pull reports.
  • Employee Portal
    • Submit G&E requests and attach relevant documentation.
    • View requests and check status.
    • Communicate with approvers for instant guidance and information.

Process requests in a timely manner

Process requests in a timely manner

Optimize your gifts and entertainment approval process by dedicating resources proportionately to risk. Thanks to the platform’s configurable workflows you can define the approval process based on the level of risk involved.

  • Set thresholds of requests eligible for automatic approval and let the platform do the rest.
  • Route requests back to employees whenever additional information or documentation is required.
  • Trigger manager or compliance review when requests exceed a predetermined value.
  • Leverage automated notifications to inform relevant approvers and submitters of request status.

Visualize data with actionable dashboards

Visualize data with actionable dashboards

Maintain a complete overview of every request from your dashboard and access real-time data and actionable charts to identify risks and patterns. Convert those insights to further improve your request management process.

  • Find every G&E request, from intake to approval, logged and stored in a central portal.
  • Spot high risk geographies, employees, or third parties at a glance via actionable dashboards.
  • Aggregate and analyze data to make informed decisions and generate board-ready reports.
  • Access an auditable trail of every compliance activity, any time.

Enterprise Ready

Establish a best practice gifts & entertainment process or build a solution that meets the unique needs of your business. With our gifts and entertainment compliance software’s configurable workflows you can design and implement scalable processes that can support even the most complex organizational structures. Customize questionnaires to capture the appropriate data you need, deploy the platform’s unlimited user governance capabilities, and leverage encompassing dashboards to monitor effectiveness and report on your success.

Implement a best-in-class gifts and entertainment process, today.


Integrated Gifts & Entertainment

Integrate the data, the people and the insights from your gifts and entertainment requests management process with the rest of your compliance program and realize the benefits of integrated compliance management.

Visualize data

Configure your dashboards to visualize data from every compliance process across your compliance program. Identify hidden gifts and entertainment risks and establish mitigations before they materialize.

Correlate mitigations

Gain visibility into how your training, conflicts of interest, risk management, and every other compliance process is working to mitigate the risks that gifts and entertainment might entail.

Connect people

Ensure that every person working for your business or on behalf of it, whether that’s your employees or third parties, know how and why they need to submit every gift and entertainment request for review.

Efficiently handle every gifts and entertainment request

Transform your gifts and entertainment management program with GAN’s Integrated Compliance Management platform, today.

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