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Eliminate the stress and complexity with our online compliance training.

Combine the power of a full-featured learning management system (LMS) with a simple-to-use interface.

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Online Compliance Training

Simplify and enhance your online compliance training management program by combining the power of a full-featured learning management system (LMS) with a simple-to-use interface. Training allows you to deliver courses automatically, track user and group results, and generate board-ready reports.

Centralize all of your online compliance trainings in a single, searchable library

  • Stop wasting time finding the content you need on share drives
  • Easily assign the right trainings, to the right employees, at the right time
  • Preset reminders, no more following up until training is complete
  • Deliver online compliance trainings in multiple languages across various roles, locations, and functions
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compliance training online

Get your online compliance training program up and running in no time

  • Upload your videos, audio, powerpoints, or SCORM files
  • Use any course from our complimentary library of expert developed courses
  • Author your own quizzes, or edit ours to fit your needs
  • Easily add employees to the platform and group as needed

Streamline compliance training for employees

  • Our modern design allows learners to focus on the content, rather than the platform
  • Employ interactive training courses to drive employee engagement
  • Reach employees on any mobile device with no awkward zooming or scrolling
  • Leveraging secure single sign-on means no remembering additional logins
  • Suggest additional role specific trainings as needed to specific groups
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compliance training online

Track results in real time and easily share reports

  • Library of courses makes compliance training seamless to deploy and easy to track
  • Quickly view in-depth training results, and easily share board-ready reports
  • Real-time data on your program is always at your fingertips
  • Gain full visibility into the effectiveness of your training program

Learn how you can enhance your training management program.

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