Policy Deployment

Compliance Training Online

Supercharge your policy and training program

Streamline communications across your business
to deliver on-point policy and training courses at
the frequency of your choosing.


Increase awareness with
tailored communications

Bundle all company communication into customized policy and training campaigns to communicate company values and shape behavior. Leverage a simple and intuitive interface to grow engagement and boost impact.

Drive real change

Configure campaigns to deliver engaging content that matches employees’ requirements and enables them with practical guidance to tackle the challenges they face on the job.

Reallocate resources

Leverage automation to keep your policy deployment on track: Automate reminders to go out at the cadence of your choosing and nudge employees into completing their assigned campaigns on time.

Measure impact

Monitor completion rates and discover trends and patterns straight from your online compliance training dashboard. Drill down into the data to analyze engagement by group, category, geography, department or other

Deliver the right content to the right people,
at the right time

Tired of tracking employee signatures in spreadsheets? Always falling short of your desired completion rates? Transform your policy and training process with a configurable platform that allows you to tailor campaigns with policies and training that map out a clear goal and purpose. Capture your audiences’ attention with fun learning, gamification, broadcast-quality videos, and real-life scenarios. Meet completion rates by delivering courses with your audience’s work environment in mind: whether it’s on desktop or via mobile phones, the training can accommodate everyone, anywhere, and at any time.

Best-in-Class Policy & Training

Connect your company’s compliance objectives to daily operations through a combined policy and compliance training deployment system. Select content from a library of expert-developed training courses and customize them to match your brand. Deploy an integrated platform to roll out joint policy and training campaigns and monitor engagement in real-time.



Upload, store, and review all your policies as needed in a centralized policy repository. Adjust policy languages to accommodate employees around the world at scale.



Upload your existing training content to the platform, leverage our library of expert-developed courses, or select one of Traliant’s broadcast-quality training courses.



Leverage the platform’s survey tool to measure the effectiveness and impact of campaigns. Configure survey forms to design tailored tests and questionnaires.



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Configure campaigns to meet company goals


Configure campaigns to meet company goals

Create, publish, and assign campaigns from the platform. Alternate between e-learning courses, tests, and surveys and create a closed-loop solution to policy deployment.

  • Create user groups that mirror the structure of your organization and dynamically upload employees to those groups by integrating the platform with your company’s employee management systems.
  • Systematically enroll current and newly hired employees in relevant campaigns based on their user attributes.
  • Upload and centralize policies and trainings to one portal. Tailor content and customize courses to reflect your company brand.

Tailor communications to employees’ needs


Tailor communications to employees’ needs

Configure campaigns to reflect the unique needs of employees and their work environment. Deliver engaging content and watch engagement rates grow.

  • Tailor campaigns to send relevant material to employee groups with specific geographic or functional considerations.
  • Deliver policies and trainings as needed and at the right frequency to specific teams based on the risks they face.
  • Send communications in multiple languages and add additional role specific policies and training as needed.
  • Drive engagement with a simple and intuitive interface and single sign-on.

Bring everything you need to see onto one screen

  • Manager Portal
    • Create and launch policy and training campaigns.
    • Assign additional training.
    • Launch surveys to measure engagement.
    • Monitor completion rates.
  • Employee Portal
    • Complete assigned policy and training campaigns.
    • Communicate with compliance via a built-in messaging tool.
    • Get a completion certificate.
    • Provide feedback through the platform’s survey manager.

Monitor engagement and evaluate effectiveness


Monitor engagement and evaluate effectiveness

Automate notifications to meet completion rates and trigger sends based on employee attributes to make sure that new hires automatically receive relevant materials.

  • Customize email templates to leverage welcome reminder notifications throughout the workflow.
  • Trigger automatic notifications when campaigns are incomplete.
  • Track overall or group-specific completion rates from your dashboard.
  • Set the cadence of regular and follow-up campaigns in advance and preset launch dates.

Turn insights into actionable reports


Turn insights into actionable reports

Maintain a bird’s-eye view from your dashboard or take a deep dive for in-depth insights. Visualize data to spot bottlenecks and share tailored reports with your board and management.

  • All campaign activities are systematically logged providing you with an auditable trail at all times.
  • Aggregate and analyze data from your dashboard to spot trends and patterns.
  • Leverage the platform’s filtering capabilities to tailor reports for your own overview or for management reporting.
  • Share reports from within the platform or export to email externally.

Enterprise Ready

Establish a best practice policy deployment process or build a solution that meets the unique needs of your business. With the platform’s configurable workflows you can design and implement scalable processes that can support even the most complex structures. Customize intake forms to capture the appropriate data you need to process compliance demands, deploy the platform’s unlimited user governance capabilities to accommodate processes to your unique organizational structure, and leverage encompassing dashboards to monitor effectiveness and report on your success.

Implement a best-in-class policy deployment process, today


Integrated policy and training

Integrate the data, the people and the insights from your policy deployment process with the rest of your compliance program and realize the benefits of integrated compliance management


Visualize data

Build dashboards to visualize data from every compliance process across the board and identify hidden risks that can be mitigated by revising policies or reintroducing compliance training.


Correlate mitigations

Integrate your policy and training campaigns into every other compliance process and relate every procedure, whether it’s third party services or offering gifts and entertainment, to its relevant policy.


Connect people

Ensure that every person working for your business or on behalf of it, whether it’s employees or third parties, understands and applies company values to the way he or she carries out business operations.

Ensure your communications drive results

Drive real change and shape company culture with GAN’s policy and training deployment platform, today.

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