Compliance Reporting Software

Supercharge your compliance program with a world-class reporting and analytics platform, empowering you to make data driven-decisions, faster.

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Design visual, data-driven reports with an interactive dashboard and a centralized data repository.


Access real-time updates on the health of your compliance program, from any device, anywhere.


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Compliance Reporting

Get real-time insight into the efficiency of your compliance program with compliance reporting software.

Compliance Reporting

Centralized proof of all your hard work

Compliance Reporting

Centralized proof of all your hard work

Find documented evidence of the effectiveness of your compliance program with the platform’s advanced reporting capability and bring the transparency and accountability of your department to new heights.

  • Build ad-hoc compliance reports with live data and stay on top of change at all times.
  • Create custom compliance reports and populate them with the data you need to share with management or any other stakeholder on a regular basis.
  • Report on performance based on any indicator you choose.
  • Run customized or pre-built reports with GAN best practice reporting templates and save commonly-run reports to the report library.
  • Stay audit-ready with an end-to-end compliance reporting platform, at all times.
Compliance Reporting

Stay aligned with decentralized reporting

Compliance Reporting

Stay aligned with decentralized reporting

Extend compliance accountability by decentralizing compliance reporting with the platform’s granular governance and user management capabilities ensure that performance is aligned with organizational goals.

  • Find detailed compliance reports of every compliance process and underlying actions, decisions, and timelines.
  • Govern access to dashboards to slice and dice data according to the user’s view and action permissions.
  • Filter data and drill down visualizations to put together tailored reports to share with the leadership team.
  • Export reports as PDF, Word, Excel, image, or as a CSV to easily upload data to any other program you need to present your findings.
  • Seamlessly merge filtered data into letters and forms and embed webpages and interactive URLs where relevant.

Compliance Analytics

All the tools you need to adopt a proactive approach
to risk and compliance management.


Get the full picture in one view


Get the full picture in one view

Benefit from encompassing and highly configurable dashboards to extract, and visualize data across your program to build the view that gives you the insight you need.

  • Configure custom dashboards that meet your unique needs or deploy GAN’s best practice dashboards.
  • Analyze data sets from different perspectives using a variety of customizable charts and visualizations and set filters to see different data combinations in a single view.
  • Build as many dashboards as you need and match each dashboard to your unique business requirements.
  • Update your dashboards with the data you want to see in real-time.
  • Build executive dashboards fit for regular reviews and reporting, to stay on top of every change.

Turn data into action


Turn data into action

Take the guesswork out of compliance assessment and empower yourself with interactive dashboards to identify discrepancies in performance and flag early risk indicators.

  • Use drill-down functions on maps, charts, and tables to discern meaningful information.
  • Aggregate and manipulate data to easily spot early risk indicators, trends and patterns that might impact company exposure.
  • See your data from a bird’s eye view and hone in on questions for further analysis by sorting, filtering, grouping, and aggregating data using interactive editing and data visualizations.
  • Merge your data into pixel-perfect PDFs and Word documents for board-ready reporting.
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