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Compliance Reporting Software.

Easily report on the status of your compliance program and gain insights into key metrics. GAN Connect unites all of the pieces of your compliance program together in one place. Reporting should take minutes—not days or weeks.

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Gain perfect visibility

  • GAN Connect is the only solution that provides you with a complete 360-degree view of your compliance program in a single, easily accessible dashboard.
GAN Connect Dashboard

Quickly build powerful reports

  • Automate your reporting and save precious time. Set thresholds for reports, set reports to run at regular, predefined intervals, and more.

Have your finger on the pulse

  • Understand what is going on in your organization and get the birds-eye view you need to make strategic decisions.  
Have your finger on the pulse

Access real-time data

  • Every edit, update, and activity is stored and tracked in a single system-of-record and instantly accessible for reporting and detailed audits.  

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