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As a compliance professional, it often feels like you’re on an island thinking through worst-case scenarios yet, when there’s trouble you’re the first person called upon. Doing business is inherently risky, but with the right compliance program in place, organizations are better off.

Risky Business is where compliance practitioners come to connect, engage, and learn from each other’s ‘oh shit’ moments. It’s real, it’s unfiltered, and it’s created to empower your career.

Feel confident knowing you’re equipped with timely news and the network to keep you connected with this original show from GAN Integrity. Start listening to take deep dive into your peer’s worst day on the job and their best. Join hosts Jordan and Adam as they bring on compliance leaders from around the world to help you gain the industry knowledge you need to avoid surprises.




Navigating Politics. Building Relationships.

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Technology, Transparency, and Competitive Advantage

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Ansie Delport - Head of Corporate Compliance Rolls Royce

Forensics, Due Diligence, and a Global Crisis

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Catherine Razzano - VP and Chief Compliance Officer - Panasonic Avionics

Violations, Monitorships, and the Queen of Compliance

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Compliance Allies, C-Suite Adversaries, and Tech Stack

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Stacey Hannah, Lonza

Mergers and Acquisitions, Fighting Fires, and Driving Business Outcomes

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Valerie Charles, StoneTurn

Creative Risk Mitigation, Airplane Hangars, and the Sexy Side of Compliance

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Remote Investigations, the Me Too Movement, and Being a Business Enabler

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Alan Gibson, Microsoft

Compliance Data, Raising the Bar, and Presenting to the DOJ

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Adam Kaiser

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Why Compliance?
Stopping corruption is essential to create a fair global economy

Fun Fact
A film major who might love Splenda more than his children


Jordan Feise

Director of Content & Brand

Why Compliance?
Compliance and ethics are global issues that span borders, languages, and customs to impact us on a daily basis

Fun Fact
Probably enjoying a matcha and infamous for being the opposite of a movie buff

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