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Corporate Compliance Management Software 

GAN Connect is your one-stop-shop for all your compliance technology needs. With six robust modules, our compliance management software can power your entire compliance program with ease.

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Meet GAN Connect – Corporate Compliance Management Software

Transform the way your program operates by bringing together all critical compliance systems and data into a single, integrated platform.
Explore our six integrated modules below.

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Compliance professionals are proactive, savvy, and strategic. 

We think the compliance management software you rely on should be too. That’s why GAN Connect seamlessly brings together all of your compliance functions. 

The Connected Compliance Difference

Store all your data in one place

Never waste time trying to locate the information you need again. Our corporate compliance management software gives you a single source of truth for your compliance data, giving you visibility and peace of mind.

Take a proactive approach

Compliance is perceived as a team that waits for something to go wrong but GAN Connect changes that by enabling your team to respond to global risks before they happen.

Focus on strategic decisions

GAN Connect, our corporate compliance management software, allows compliance teams to easily complete tasks and generate reports and focus on making strategic decisions about their program.

Automate repetitive tasks

Move away from manual processes and transition to automated workflows that are customized to your program. GAN Connect, our compliance management software, enables you to build an efficient compliance program.

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