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Rely on a flexible, extendible and highly intuitive platform to build and maintain any compliance process you can imagine, at scale.

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Put the power back in your hands with a completely configurable and use case agnostic platform that will allow you to achieve any purpose you envision. GAN's compliance management software can be configured to fit the exact process and purpose that you define. From the data, you would like to capture, to the way to display it, determine actions, and govern user access all during process configuration.

Platform features


Build any process you can imagine

Adopt a risk-based approach to every process with highly configurable workflows for adequate mitigation of risk, every time.

Workflow builder

With the workflow builder you’ll be able to implement the exact process you design. Capture the data you need, determine actions to be taken, allocate appropriate resources to carry out those actions and set the specific goal to be achieved and when. Determine connections between workflows to discern key indicators and improve efficiency.

Status & Transition

Every step of a process has a status. You can create multiple statuses in a workflow and determine the transitions that govern the change in status. A transition shows how a case, a request or any other compliance demand can potentially progress throughout the workflow. Transitions move compliance demands from one status to the next, for example, progressing from review to approval.


Create actions and leverage automated notifications to make sure that everyone completes tasks on time. Actions are a vital part of your workflow process as they enable transitions, allow for content editing and updating, sending emails, and more. Actions may be of multiple types, conditional or sequential. Conditional actions ensure that actions are only triggered if certain conditions are met. Child actions, on the other hand, allow you to execute a series of actions by tying actions together in a sequence.


Connections between processes may be established, living in parallel with unique workflows within the same compliance module or even across different modules. Define which connections should exist between the different processes and deploy them to make sure that your processes are communicating. Link tasks to persons, risks to mitigation plans or establish any other connection across your compliance program.

Data integration

Capture the exact data you need

Capture the appropriate data points you need to adequately process any compliance demand.


Forms are the interface of inputting and updating data. Forms can be configured to show what data you want to capture and how you want to capture it by picking which fields will be available and in what order. Form fields can take a variety of shapes including text or date fields, a drop down menu, a document upload, custom selection list and many more.


Benefit from highly configurable questionnaires to be deployed throughout your workflow in any process you need. Leverage different answer types to capture accurate and comprehensive answers and make informed decisions.


Engage everyone no matter where they are

Remove language barriers with a completely translatable platform and empower your teams from all around the world to fulfill their compliance function and compliance activity with confidence.

Platform Translation

Configure the platform to allow for compliance officers and employees with multiple languages to interact with your program and complete tasks with adequate tools at hand. All platform labels and core functionalities can be translated on demand allowing you to render company-wide processes available to users in different parts of the world.

Activity trail

Find documented proof of your work

Losing sleep over documentation? Take the auditability of your program to new heights with the platform’s automated logging capabilities and find audit trails of every activity stored under every single case file with specified user, date, and time recorded.

Activity Log

Leverage the platform’s activity log to view the life cycle of every compliance process. All dashboards are equipped with an activity log which allows you to see all activity, starting from the newest all the way down to the date the compliance process was initiated leaving you with an auditable trail of every action and every decision that was taken along the way.


Manage sophisticated infrastructures

Tailor user permissions to align the platform with your organizational structure. Delegate responsibilities and tasks across business departments and allow the data to flow back in a centralized fashion giving you a holistic oversight of the whole compliance program.

Access groups

Leverage access control to determine the scope of visibility and potential actions users may undertake. Membership to access groups can be manually granted, or by creating access groups based on employee attributes. Whenever employee attributes change, the platform will systematically change the access groups the user belongs to allowing you to create a scalable setup to access group management.

Users may belong to multiple access groups enabling you to adopt a very granular approach to user access governance.


Set user permissions as you see fit; this includes both what users can view in the platform and which actions they are allowed to undertake and to which processes these apply allowing you to tailor granular permission levels based on the criteria you decide.

You may also set default permissions for users that fall outside permissions granted via access groups. For instance, you may designate default approvers or risk owners throughout the workflow.


Never miss another deadline

Automate notifications to ensure that tasks are completed, reviews are carried out, cases are closed, and every deadline is met on time.

Email template builder

Configure emails to capture the information you would like to send out throughout the workflow process. Leverage your previously configured form fields and reuse them as clips in emails.

Benefit from automated emails to trigger actions. A link will also be automatically generated in the email allowing the recipient to be redirected to the specific action they need to complete.

Reminders & welcome emails

Get a head start with template welcome emails and reminders you can customize and deploy for every compliance process. Trigger sends at different stages in the workflow to make sure that you hit your goals and targets efficiently.

Reporting & analytics

See the big picture in one view

Collecting data is only a first step. Uncover key insights and make informed decisions about your compliance program.


Leverage an end-to-end reporting platform to document all compliance activity with clarity and precision. Engage management with tailored and data-driven reports allowing for better decision-making, faster. READ MORE


Benefit from encompassing and highly configurable dashboards to pull from everywhere and integrate everything to measure the effectiveness of your compliance program in real-time. READ MORE


Open up communication

Integrated messaging tools will allow you to open communication lines with employees to directly interact with compliance in real-time.

Messaging tool

Leverage an integrated messaging tool to instantly reach out to compliance or local managers and employees. Engage stakeholders directly in the conversation using @mentions and discuss information beyond the regular process setup. Collaborate ad hoc with teammates to navigate compliance requirements more efficiently and move tasks across the line.

Comment section

Design your comment section and add it under any process you choose and govern which employees can see and interact with it. Comment sections can be used to capture additional information or to write notes to yourself or to others and allow every person involved in the process to be automatically updated on the status of risks, requests, or cases.

A simple cloud-based solution to all your compliance needs

API Integrations

Integrate our compliance management software with your HR system to systematically sync new users and updated user profiles. Rely on the platform to dynamically enroll current and new employees in appropriate compliance processes.

Single Sign on (SSO)

Simplify the sign-in experience for all users with our compliance management software's single sign-on (SSO) feature and allow employees to use the same credentials to sign in to multiple applications.

Design & Branding

Leverage a modern and intuitive interface to expand usage throughout the organization. Customize the look and feel of our compliance management software to match your company’s brand.

Build Any Process You Can Imagine

Be an agile solution architect and deploy the platform’s tools to transform any compliance requirement into an actionable process. With our compliance management software's highly configurable tools and integrated management processes, you are set-up for success every time.


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