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Conflicts of interest

Manage conflicts of interest at scale

Manage conflicts of interest with a centralized solution for higher visibility and a streamlined approach to declaration management.

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Increase participation
Make it easy to declare conflicts of interest with an intuitive platform that guides users through a tailored submission journey. Our accessible and accommodating conflicts of interest platform allows employees with different backgrounds and varying work environments to submit actual or potential conflicts from any device.

Break silos
Connect processes and people to create full visibility across all conflicts of interest that might expose your business to risk. Engage employees and managers at scale through a streamlined disclosure and review process using role-based access controls and smart workflow automation.

Integrate and connect
Integrate your conflict of interest program with your enterprise platform ecosystem, while allowing data to flow back into a centralized system. Integrations can even be established across compliance processes to connect conflict declarations to investigations, business relationships, or others for a more holistic view of risk.


We have designed a program that fits in seamlessly with how the business operates.

— Jessie O'Neil

Barrick Gold


With GAN Integrity … it’s much easier to have information centralized in one place.

— Barbara Lustenberger

Infront Sports & Media AG


Your service and your responsiveness. Your willingness to listen and to act on feedback is fantastic.

— Deborah Spanic


Manage conflicts of interest at scale. Our adaptable and scalable Conflicts of Interest solution offers seamless customization, robust user governance, and comprehensive reporting and analytics that meet unique business requirements and futureproof operations.

No matter your business model, industry, or region of operation, with the Integrity Platform, you can:

  • Create tailored disclosure management workflows to meet unique needs and regional requirements
  • Personalize user journeys to increase adoption and engagement
  • Customize dashboards to analyze data and share insights

Benefits at a glance

Engage employees and stakeholders in your conflict declaration process with ease and ensure that no risk goes unmanaged.

Enhance visibility & manage conflicts proactively

  • Capture conflicts as they arise ad hoc or through periodic declaration campaigns
  • Centralize declarations in one platform to increase visibility and reduce redundant work
  • Embed mitigation workflows and assign ownership to any stakeholder across the organization using tailored data access controls

Simplify the submission process

  • Engage employees and potential hires with tailored user journeys to capture conflicts
  • Utilize dynamic input forms to only solicit answers relevant to the nature of the declaration
  • Deploy a localized, accessible platform to ensure employees with different backgrounds and needs can easily engage

Save time & reduce operational cost

  • Streamline your conflict of interest review process to improve efficiency and consistency
  • Adapt to changing business realities with the platform’s scalable user governance infrastructure allowing you to absorb new and changing teams
  • Connect workflows across compliance processes to see how conflicts might impact other risk areas such as business partnerships
  • Analyze data and spot patterns with the platform’s embedded reporting dashboards

A strategic partnership

GAN Integrity transcends the traditional vendor role, acting as a strategic partner. Leverage our expertise, best practices, and customized support through every stage, from onboarding to maintenance and integrations, to meet your evolving needs.

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Case spotlight: Barrick Gold

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"We were able to design [a solution] everyone can understand and easily use."

— Jessie O'Neil
Barrick Gold

  • Deployed an intuitive and easy-to-use solution to employees
  • Created visibility by centralizing information in one place
  • Seamlessly embedded compliance processes into business operations

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