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Your complete guide to third party risk rating

Often, compliance professionals still report insufficient budgets allocated to their third party risk management programs. With budgets lagging behind the expanding third party risks, adopting a risk-based approach to due diligence is imperative for all global businesses.

Who is this guide for?

This robust guide serves to help compliance professionals understand how to effectively manage third party risks by creating a systematic and scalable due diligence approach and effectively mitigating the challenges that come with resetting a business' third party risk management program.

What's inside:

  • Risk rating your third parties
  • Building your third party risk profile:
  • Identify the types of third parties you work with
  • Screening
  • Assess your business’ degree of exposure
  • Assess what you know about the third party
  • Conducting risk-based due diligence
  • Adopting a connected approach to third party risk rating

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