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Meet the New GAN: Moving the Compliance Industry Forward

By GAN Integrity (Updated )

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably noticed that GAN looks a little bit different.

Over summer our marketing and design teams put their minds together and took the next step in our brand’s evolution. We’re so excited to reveal our rebrand and share the new GAN with you.

Catalyst for Change

What triggered the rebrand? It really came down to one thing: cutting-edge products deserve cutting-edge branding.

The gap in sophistication between our product and our outward facing image brought this rebrand to the forefront of GAN’s priority list. Those who are GAN customers, or have seen a demo of the platform, will affirm that it is known for its intuitive and beautiful user experience. We wanted to create a seamless experience from the first time you visit GAN’s website to using the platform in day-to-day life.

Our brand identity, vision, and mission are stronger than ever before. Going through this exercise allowed us to reflect on GAN’s strengths, differentiators, and refocus on how we can fundamentally change the way compliance teams function.

The Process

The rebranding started with a keyword identification exercise. This meant scouring our content for meaningful words that defined us as a brand. You can see the process below. We ultimately landed on five keywords we felt best described GAN: transparency, spearhead, efficient, smarter, and leader.

New GAN Keywords

These keywords were manifested in visual form which included arrows, compasses, balloons, and stairs—all signs of upward growth.

Our Evolution

Watch below to see the process behind how our logo was designed. You’ll notice that an arrow is at the core of the design, symbolizing GAN’s ability to be forward thinking and lead within the compliance industry.

GAN Logo Evolution

If you’ve known us long enough, you might recognize the logo on the far left. This was GAN’s initial logo and then, in 2016, the middle logo was revealed. Today, we bring you the third iteration of GAN Integrity.GAN Logo Evolution

However, this rebranding was more than just a logo design. GAN has an entirely new brand identity which includes new icons, imagery, and colors (you might have noticed the new yellow accents). One of the biggest changes is our website. As you can see, everything has been thoughtfully overhauled. From the navigation to the resources page to the newly-named CCO Connection Blog. We welcome you to explore the new website and branding. We hope you love the new GAN as much as we do.

Beyond the visual upgrades, we have refocused our product messaging to better articulate the true value of our offering: connected compliance. Most compliance programs run five or more disparate systems to manage their program. GAN’s platform, on the other hand, brings it all together and unites your entire program. Beyond that, the platform helps elevate the compliance function as a whole by integrating across the entire business. Stay tuned for more exciting updates on connected compliance!

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