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Reimagine Your Investigations Workflow with GAN Integrity IRM

By Miriam Konradsen Ayed (Updated )

The sense of urgency associated with whistleblowing, case management, and investigations workflow has reached new heights over the last few years. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has continuously incentivized whistleblowers, while the new EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, to enter force at the end of 2021, is putting pressure on companies to establish adequate tools for employees to speak up and for businesses to handle whistleblowers reports with timeliness.

Due to the complexity and sensitivity of investigations processes, technology solutions need to cater for a seamless reporting experience and an intuitive investigation process that renders impactful results and above all fosters a healthy speak-up culture.

With these objectives in mind, we are proud to announce our reimagined investigations platform designed to transform the experience of every stakeholder in the investigations workflow. Watch the video below to see the new solution in action:

With the new Investigations platform you can:

  • Access independent case milestones
  • Conduct multiple investigations simultaneously into one report when needed
  • Plan and delegate remedial actions to anyone in the organization
  • Leverage state-of-the-art reporting and analytics dashboards
  • Scale your investigations workflow to meet business needs

Safe Haven for Reporters

Ensuring that reporters feel safe and confident to speak up is the first step towards a successful and impactful investigation solution. That is why, our new Investigations solution comes with a highly configurable and intuitive reporting portal that enables whistleblowers to submit concerns, follow progress of reports and communicate with investigators in full anonymity at all times.

We are also proud to launch our new platform in partnership with two industry leaders in hotline (telephony) services, Whistleblower Security and Safecall to cater for the different needs and preferences of our clients.

Bringing Users to Center Stage

Our new Investigations platform gives every stakeholder the right tools to track reports, oversee the investigations progress, and measure results and metrics, while maintaining high levels of security and confidentiality. Whether you’re a case manager handling a backlog of cases, an investigator dealing with complex incident analysis, or a CCO who would like to present meaningful insights to senior leadership, the Investigations platform provides a seamless and intuitive experience for every user .

The platform comes with enterprise-ready user governance allowing every user to benefit from a unique overview of the cases, investigations or other tasks related to their function. Unique dashboards based user attributes, will display the data and information on progress of tasks coupled to the unique access level of users, enabling individual users to only see the data relevant to them. Access equally applies to tasks, overview and reports.

Conduct Multiple Investigations

Regardless of whether the scope of report is limited or complex, the new Investigations platform enables you to get to the bottom of every case in collaboration with multiple investigators. Case managers can start one or multiple investigations under each case from inside the platform from the moment the case is opened or off the back of unanticipated case developments.

Remediate Within Your Case Closure Process

Dedicated to our vision of integrated compliance management (ICM), remedial actions are built into the new Investigations platform as part of your case management process. This inclusion ensures that, whenever valid, case managers can recommend remedial actions, assign to the relevant parties, and follow up from within the platform.

Pioneering Architecture

Cases, interviews, investigations, evidence, case notes, remedial actions, and root cause analysis are all created as separate yet connected objects. Each object can be connected to multiple other objects. For instance, evidence can serve to resolve multiple investigations, allowing different stakeholders to work on one part of a case at the same time without affecting another.

Objects also have independent life cycles, allowíng users to review interviews, edit case notes, or validate evidence all in a separate workflow process independent of the case progress workflow. Separate objects can be accessed independently, meaning that you can grant outside counselors, lawyers, or even external investigators access to review evidence or conduct an interview without accessing any other parts of a case.

“Our goal was to design a solution that empowers all stakeholders in the investigations process to efficiently and intuitively complete tasks and have access to all the information relevant to their role so they can make informed, data-driven decisions, at every stage.”

 - Hans Op Kelder, Director of Product, GAN Integrity

Revolutionary Investigations Analytics

As a Bloomberg article put it, compliance programs “like everything else in the 21st century must be data-driven”. With our Investigations platform, you can analyze your investigations data in meaningful ways and uncover insights that will enable you to make informed decisions on the overall health of your case management program.

With GANalytics, an advanced analytics and reporting tool that allows for integrated dashboards to live as an intuitive extension to your investigations workflow, you can leverage elaborate visualizations to analyze and drill down into data sets and uncover actionable insights. You can export your findings seamlessly into a pdf, word, excel, or another program you prefer to present to senior management.

With GANalytics you can:

  • Analyze data sets from different perspectives using a wide variety of customizable charts and visualization types.
  • Build as many dashboards as you need and match each dashboard to your unique case management requirements and monitor data in real-time.
  • Build executive dashboards fit for regular reviews and reporting, and stay on top of every change with day-to-day dashboards.
  • Use drill-down functions on maps, charts, and tables to uncover patterns and meaningful insights to your investigations process.
  • Identify discrepancies in performance at a glance.
  • See your data from a bird’s eye view and hone in on questions for further analysis by sorting, filtering, grouping, and aggregating your investigations data.

Integrated reporting and analytics allow you to rest assured that menial and administrative tasks of gathering, compiling, and aggregating data are no longer on your agenda, so you can focus on bringing valuable insights to your team and your management.

GANalytics also allows for governed access to your company’s investigations data. With enterprise-ready user management, our platform makes sure that every user can seamlessly access the reports relevant to their roles, while endowing global compliance officers with a centralized overview of activity. Granular platform access, including access to reports and analytics, will extend compliance accountability beyond the realm of the compliance department to ensure that performance and achievement is aligned with business objectives.

An Investigations Workflow that Integrates with All Your Compliance Processes

Despite the sense of urgency to establish case management programs inside organizations, different businesses have different needs. Our reimagined out-of-the-box investigations workflow caters to businesses with a pressing need to swiftly implement an efficient reporting and investigations process, but also provides more complex organizations with ample room to adjust configurations to meet unique purposes. With our latest release, combining industry-leading hotline partners and impactful investigation workflows your company can implement a state-of-the-art investigations program swiftly and efficiently.

Both our out-of-the-box and configurable solutions come with seamless integrations with other compliance processes, enabling you to work holistically in one compliance management platform. Our workflow-powered platform enables its users to build flexible processes that fit the unique needs of their business and sets them up for long term success. Our new, highly configurable workflows enable organizations to scale processes up or down, according to their needs, configure their reporting portal to include the content they see fit and reflect their brand. You will also benefit from sophisticated user governance capabilities to accommodate workflows to your unique company structure.

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