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Make a Seamless Migration to Your New Case Management Software

By Miriam Konradsen Ayed (Updated )

Building and nurturing a strong speak-up program goes beyond the successful implementation of a incident management solution. Finding the right technology will support you in many respects, but if not deployed to serve the unique needs of your organization, it will fall short of helping you reach the results you strive to achieve.

Unhappy with your current case management solution and want to make a switch? Uncertain about how difficult or easy the migration will be? This blog looks at some of the milestones you will encounter in a switch and how GAN Integrity can help you make the transition seamless.

Choosing the Right Data Migration Partner

Partnering with the right vendor is almost as important as choosing the technology itself as a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to migration will be handled by your new vendor. You need to therefore carefully pick your new partner in compliance to assist you on the journey towards a better speak-up program.

Your speak-up program is your gateway to an effective compliance program as it gives you insight into how effectively - or ineffectively - compliance controls are deterring misconduct. But deciding to rip out your current solution and replace it with another is easier said than done. So many elements play into swapping out your case management system; from platform compatibility with your organizational needs to employee training on how to use the new system, data migration of historical cases and documents as well as the initiation of a long-term partnership with a new compliance vendor.

In this article, we tackle some of those points and show you how GAN Integrity has outlined a clear plan for seamless migration from one third-party case management vendor to GAN’s Investigations solution to ensure a painless switch.

Deployment of Your Case Management Program

When picking a compliance solution, the product is as important as the journey to deployment and launch. For that reason, GAN Integrity has laid out a clear and concise implementation plan covering everything from design, build, test, data migration, and launch so you feel comfortable partnering with GAN on the journey towards a better speak-up program for your organization.

Choosing the case management software that is right for you

When it comes to compliance programs, there is no one size fits all model. Helping you choose the right solution is therefore an essential part of our journey. The goal is to ensure that your application does exactly what you need it to do to make the deployment and maintenance of your speak-up program as easy and as seamless as possible.

Designing the perfect case management solution

Once you have picked the right solution we put a dedicated team of experts at your service to advise and collaborate with you on how to best map out and build your process. We ensure that the solution captures your unique business requirements and reflects your organization’s unique setup.

Building a world-class case management platform

Once the design is validated, we execute the build following a detailed plan and a well-defined timeline.

Data Migration for Case Management Software

Ensuring that you can migrate your historical data from your old case management system into your new platform is crucial. During the transition phase, there might be some incident reports pending, other investigations that are ongoing, and cases that have been resolved which must all be securely kept in an auditable format in case a need for an audit or investigation arises.

The third-party migration phase is based on three main milestones:

  • Setting the right objectives making sure that all legacy data is successfully migrated to your new GAN platform empowering you with an overview of all your historical, current and new cases in a single overview.
  • Aligning on execution by clearly identifying the data mapping and migration journey. Automating the process for a quick turnaround.
  • Meet your goals within an agreed timeline to ensure a quick and seamless program kick-off.

To ensure a seamless transition between each of the process milestones, GAN Integrity provides you with detailed documentation outlining the concrete steps of the data migration process before kick-off. These include;

  1. Data mapping: GAN works with you to map the data points from your prior system to your new GAN platform. Together, we identify the right data fields into which the data needs to be populated to make sure that it is correctly mapped in your GAN case management platform. (5 days)
  2. Backend system mapping: Once the data field mapping is complete, GAN’s engineers delineate the exact fields to which the data existing in your third party software will be migrated on the system backend ensuring that it will be correctly displayed in the interface. (5 days)
  3. Testing: Once your data is mapped and ready to be moved over to the GAN platform, a test migration is performed including a client validation process allowing you to review the results in a test environment.
  4. Final migration: Once approved, the data is migrated to your new platform giving you a complete overview of your historical, pending and future cases in one platform.

Moving into customer care

Once your program is implemented and your data is successfully migrated you can quickly hit the ground running with GAN Integrity’s onboarding package ranging from training to on-demand tutorials and a comprehensive support portal and dedicated team.

Learn more about GAN Integrity’s bespoke incident management solution.

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