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We help the world's smartest companies to elevate business ethics 

Why GAN Integrity

You work for 'good' — you help drive ethical outcomes, and mitigate risks across your business and its relationships.

Yet too many compliance teams like yours are stuck in an unfair fight, where you're trying to manage ever-evolving risks with tools that are anything but.

And, you're doing it all in a silo, on a shoestring budget, without the backup you need.

You work for good with what you have. But, good deserves better.

And that means you've got to be able to:
See everything

Because risk can't hide when the data you need is all in one place.

Adapt to anything

Because risk doesn't stand still and neither does your business.

Get all the help you need

So you can get out from under the busy work and stay on top of the strategic work.

Only GAN Integrity lets you do all this.

Because good deserves better.™

All your compliance and ethics programs in one place - now that's better

Compliance risks are interconnected - your programs should be too. You don't need to manage your compliance programs in silos, or in different disconnected systems that don't talk to each other and turn users away with a poor user experience. There is a better way.

Third-Party Risk Management

Better manage third-party risks with a dynamic solution that evolves with your organization and the regulatory landscape. Screen and onboard third parties, assess and monitor risks, identify and prioritize issues, and streamline remediation and reporting.


Regulatory compliance keeping you up at night? Now you can sleep better.

You have an ever growing, ever evolving list of regulations your enterprise needs to comply with. Yet no additional resources. GAN Integrity provides the workflows, integrations and tools you need to keep on top of ABAC, ESG and Modern Slavery compliance requirements. All in one place.

Integrity Platform

Because you deserve ethics, compliance and risk management software that adapts to you - not the other way round

Imagine one compliance operating system - where all your compliance programs are managed and all your data is housed - that your users actually appreciate. Because it's that easy. Imagine a system flexible enough to adapt for the nuances of your program, your governance framework and your risk appetite. Emerging risks and regulations - no problem. You can integrate new workflows, assessments, and data sources without the need for long, expensive IT projects. Imagine a system that scales with you —and for you — as your programes mature and your business evolves.

Sounds a lot better than what you have today - doesn’t it?

Updated Marchitecture