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Connect ethics in and around your business

Embed ethics in business operations with the workflow-based Integrity Platform, a fully integrated risk and compliance management platform.

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The growing imperative for third-party and supply chain compliance

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We enable the smartest companies to elevate business ethics everywhere.

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The Integrity Platform

The Integrity Platform helps make ethics a company-wide responsibility inherent to your organization. An essential platform for global compliance teams, it keeps values aligned across the business, empowering everyone. Integrating ethics into your organization’s unique processes and ways of working, the Integrity Platform is easy to adapt and adopt.

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Incident management product

Incident management

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Third-party risk management product

Third-party risk management

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Donations & sponsorships product

Donations & sponsorships

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Putting ethics at the heart of business


Making everyone in the organization a guardian of ethics by giving them a voice and accessible channels.


When people, process, and data align, effective engagement is possible. People in the organization understand why and how to get involved: compliance, then, becomes a given, and ethics inherent.


React rapidly to sanctions

GAN Integrity protects your business from dealing with certain countries, entities, and individuals considered a threat to foreign policy, economic stability, and national security, even throughout the most complex transactions.

Vendor due diligence

Due diligence is a regulatory expectation. Understand the qualifications, associations, business rationale, and degree of risk for all third parties.

Channel partner due diligence

Evaluate info from partners you rely on, including service providers, vendors, resellers, distributors, and agents required to market your products and services.

Distributor management

Effective distributor management is part and parcel of protecting your profitablity. Ensure the reputation and reliability of distributors you depend on.

GAN Integrity enables enterprises to embed ethics in and around their business by engaging everyone from front line workers to third parties and stakeholders on their journey toward ethical business transformation, connecting ethics for everyone.

Why ethical business?

Strengthen the connective tissue that holds a business together with integration across compliance applications and with enterprise systems around it.


Support the business with meaningful insights to reconcile ethical goals with business strategy and maintain a competitive advantage.


Quickly adapt to changing regulatory requirements combined with the ever-demanding ethical expectations of your employees in real time.

We have designed a program that fits in seamlessly with how the business operates.

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