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Managing Third-Party Risks in Your Global Supply Chain

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The Justice Department announced its new FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy at the end of November. And yes, the major themes of that policy look much the same as the department’s prior approach to FCPA enforcement: voluntary disclosure of violations, cooperation with the authorities, and remediation.
Give me some numbers! A major European telecommunications provider was fined a record-breaking USD 965 million to settle FCPA violations and a large manufacturer of aircraft engines agreed with the UK, the United States and Brazil to pay USD 809 million for a global resolution to settle bribery allegations. While no numbers have been reached yet, some big names have come under Department of ...
Earlier this month Apple and its main manufacturing contractor, Foxconn, woke up to a now familiar headache for global firms: allegations of sweatshop labor in one of the plants Apple uses in China to make the iPhone X.
Imagine you discover a financial opportunity that promises to benefit yourself, your family or your friends. The only drawback is that this opportunity would put your company or its clients at a slight disadvantage. In this situation, your loyalties are torn between personal and professional duties -- what’s known as a conflict of interest.
The Securities and Exchange Commission said last week that it’s planning fresh guidance to help companies understand their duties to disclose cybersecurity trouble. Compliance officers should brace themselves— what’s coming will probably be quite different from the usual SEC guidance, and it underlines just how difficult “disclosure compliance” can be.
By now you may have seen it, and some people probably even support it: the picture of a cyclist on the side of the road in Virginia, giving the middle finger to the Trump presidential motorcade as it whizzed by her.  
GAN Integrity is pleased to announce that we are now Privacy Shield Certified.
Compliance professionals often debate the wisdom of separating a company’s top compliance and legal jobs. For one example of how sticky that question can get, look no further than Cardinal Health.
Compliance officers may have heard news of the speech Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave on Oct. 25, where he touched on corporate compliance programs and the Justice Department’s enforcement against misconduct.
Ethics and compliance being key words of the year, the ISO 37001:16 Anti-bribery Management System - Requirements with guidance for use (ISO 37001) is increasingly becoming a strong contender in business today. ISO 37001 provides companies around the world with practical guidance on "establishing, implementing, maintaining, reviewing and improving anti-bribery management systems". It reinforces ...