Over 90% of FCPA cases involve 3rd party intermediaries

Learn how our Compliance Management System (COMS) can support your 3rd party risk management.


The UK Bribery Act places the onus on companies to implement procedures that mitigate their corruption risks

Our Compliance Management System (COMS) enables companies to manage the key procedures related to complying with anti-bribery legislation.


It's increasingly tough to comply with anti-corruption legislation

The Business Anti-Corruption Portal is a free website that helps organizations comply with anti-corruption laws and mitigate anti-corruption risks.


Discover why compliance e-learning is important to your organization


Compliance Management System

Our Compliance Management System (COMS) helps you simplify compliance and reduce your risk exposure. The cloud-based solution manages your global compliance system from a single location.

Compliance E-learning

We deliver e-learning courses for all your compliance demands. Our technological and anti-corruption expertise allow us to easily implement e-learning training as part of your compliance program.

Business Anti-Corruption Portal

Free anti-corruption compliance & risk management resources for your company, including e-learning training, country risk profiles, & due diligence tools.

Our compliance programme was subsequently certified by an international verification bureau. We are proud to announce that we have been invited to become a UN vendor again.

Ukrainian Aviation Manufacturer

Combating corruption with the upcoming ISO anti-bribery standard.

International Organization for Standardization

The Portal provides a wealth of practical anti-corruption resources to support a solid preventative approach, covering subjects as processes, due diligence, practical tools to support compliance progam implementation and also compliance and integrity training.


The online Business Anti-Corruption Portal is a key resource for the compliance and integrity practitioner interested in getting an overview on a country with respect to the subject of anti-bribery.


Working with the Business Anti-Corruption Portal was a great learning experience for me. I really value the knowledge and insight you have. ... I credit you for the success of my project. I thank you for that.

General Electric

You’re in good company

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