More than 90% of reported FCPA cases involve 3rd party intermediaries

Learn how using Compliance Management System (COMS) can support your 3rd party risk management.

The UK Bribery Act places the onus on organizations to implement procedures that mitigate their corruption risks.

With this in mind, the GAN Compliance Management System (COMS) enables an organization to manage the key procedures related to complying with anti-bribery legislation.

Complying with corruption legislation has become like finding your way through a jungle

The Business Anti-Corruption Portal is a free website that helps organizations comply with anti-corruption laws and mitigate anti-corruption risks.

Discover why compliance e-learning is important to your organization


Compliance Management System

The GAN Compliance Management System (COMS) helps you simplify compliance and reduce your risk exposure. Our cloud-based solution manages your global compliance system from a single location.

Business Anti-Corruption Portal

The Business Anti-Corruption Portal is the source for free anti-corruption information. The Portal is produced by GAN and supported by the European Commission and six EU member states.

Compliance E-learning

We deliver e-learning courses for all your compliance demands. Our technological and anti-corruption expertise allow us to efficiently implement e-learning training as part of your compliance programme.

Professional Services

Our professional services help identify and solve your compliance risks. We offer a full suite of compliance services to assist your company efficiently gain a tailored-fit solution.

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Developing a Compliance Framework: The Different Roles of Policies, Procedures, and Controls

We all talk about compliance “programs”, but what do we actually mean as a practical matter (separate and apart from the “effective compliance program” definition found in the US Sentencing Guidelines)? A comprehensive compliance program contains a number of written guidelines, in various forms, for employees and agents. Some of these are policies, while others are procedures or controls. What is the difference and how should they be used when setting up a compliance program? Read More

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