A Whistleblowing Application Designed for Franchises

Empower your franchisees with an intuitive whistleblowing solution that enables everyone throughout the business to speak up when they want and how they want.

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Make sure that doing the right thing
is also the easy thing

Protect your group and keep your reputation safe with an enterprise-grade whistleblowing application accommodating both large, medium and small franchise businesses.

Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

Help your franchisees help you protect your brand’s reputation by recommending the best whistleblowing solution and ensuring compliance with the EU Whistleblower Directive.

Empower Your

Make available a resource that empowers your franchisees to easily buy their own solution allowing their employees to voice their concerns and managers to proactively manage misconduct.

Find Your Partner in Compliance

From design to roll out and deployment, GAN takes care of every step of every stage to ensure that your group is in compliance with the new EU Whistleblower Directive.

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Ensure compliance with global whistleblower regulation

Legal frameworks around the world have gradually evolved to provide more protection to whistleblowers. Both in the US and Europe, regulations such as the FCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Dodd Frank Act, Sapin II, and most recently the EU WhistleblowerProtection Directive, have established frameworks empowering whistleblowers to speak up. Failure to comply with the regulation could mean exposing your business to litigation or regulatory enforcement actions.

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Independent businesses.
Shared branding. Common values.

Ethics and compliance are all about proactive prevention of misconduct. Empower your franchisees
with the tools they need to ensure your brand resonates with the highest ethical standards.

  • Customize the whistleblowing application to meet the needs of your business.
  • Validate the application configuration for a streamlined approach to incident report management.
  • Apply brand guidelines to enablement and onboarding assets.
  • Rely on GAN’s comprehensive roll out plan to effectively onboard your franchisees.
  • Agree group discounts to cost-effectively meet regulatory requirements.
  • Seamlessly sign up online and get immediate access to your application.
  • Access a branded yet unique reporting portal and investigations application.
  • Get supporting enablement material to raise employee awareness.

Rolling out a whistleblowing solution
has never been smoother.

From turnkey deployment to custom implementations, we have helped businesses of all sizes design, deploy and onboard their entire organization. All you need to do is recommend the application to your group.

Tailored Design

Discover GAN’s whistleblowing solution specifically tailored to meet the needs of franchise groups. Our user-friendly application will empower employees with an easy way to voice their concerns, and franchise managers with a consistent way of handling reports.

Thoughtful Roll Out

Getting buy-in from your franchisees is built into our offering allowing you to seamlessly roll out the selected application. We assist with internal marketing and deliver a sign-up process branded uniquely for your group. We’ve thought through all the details, so you don’t have to.

Seamless Onboarding

Upon sign-up, your franchisees can immediately access their branded and exclusive application along with branded QR-coded wall posters for increased engagement and awareness. Comprehensive how-to guides and a dedicated support desk will further ease onboarding and ongoing compliance.

Intuitive Whistleblowing Application

Empower your franchisees with an out-of-the-box whistleblowing application designed to address franchisees’ specific needs and allow your group to adopt a consistent and rigorous approach to handling incidents.

  • Mobile-friendly reporting technology allows employees to report incidents via any device.
  • Secure web-intake and optional telephony reporting channels.
  • An intuitive application to investigate incidents, close cases, and remediate misconduct.
  • Ability to grant attorneys secure and segregated access to cases when needed.
  • Automated and integrated activity log for later reference.

Segregated Yet on Brand

Our whistleblowing program segregates data and access to ensure that your franchisees operate their own independent applications, while upholding your brand’s ethics and identity.

  • Global telephony-intake, and an exclusive web reporting portal per legal entity, entirely separate from the franchisor and other franchisees.
  • A completely independent case intake and case management process.
  • A customized application URL for quick accessibility.
  • Segregated data and analytical dashboards allowing your franchisees to maintain overview of their whistleblowing program.

Supported Roll Out and Ongoing Partnership

Getting buy-in from your franchisees is built into our offering. We assist with every stage of rolling out our whistleblowing application to your group; from internal marketing, to a straightforward sign-up process and seamless onboarding.

  • Branded wall posters to print and hang in every store with QR codes that link directly to their unique reporting portal.
  • A self-serve sign-up process and simple credit card payment that takes minutes to complete.
  • Dedicated support on how to optimize your program and get everyone engaged.
  • An intuitive app to increase usage and foster a healthy speakup culture.

A secure application to handle whistleblower data

Meeting the standards of the EU Whistleblower Directive also means meeting the highest standards of data security and GDPR requirements. With GAN Integrity you get a scalable and extendable SaaS compliance management application that empowers you to roll out multiple whistleblowing applications to your franchisees, all safeguarded by a best-in-class security infrastructure.

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Make Sure That Doing the Right Thing
is Also the Easy Thing.

See how GAN can help you roll out a best of breed to keep your brand protected and help your franchisees be compliant.

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