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Training Management

Eliminate the stress and complexity of delivering training.

GAN’s training management is a full featured training management system (LMS).  With GAN, it’s easy to create and publish online and in-person training in multiple languages and then automatically assign training, quizzes, even policies to employees, across multiple business units, geographies and business functions.

Training Management Features:

  • Centralize all of your trainings, quizzes, and surveys into a single, searchable library.  No more share drives.
  • Easily assign the right trainings, to the right employees, at the right time.
  • Make it easy and convenient to complete trainings from any mobile device.
  • Track results at a glance and easily share CEO and Board-ready reports


GAN is refreshingly easy to use. No clunky systems or dated design. Learners can focus on the content, and on understanding the rules of the game.


Have a new person joining the sales team in Lisbon? No problem. GAN can deliver training automatically by role, location, and more.


GAN puts real-time data at your fingertips—no lag.  Quickly view in-depth user and group training results, and easily share CEO and Board-ready reports.

Getting started is super simple.

Upload your videos, audio, powerpoints, or SCORM files.   Or, use any course from GAN’s FREE library of expert developed compliance courses. You can even author your own quizzes. Or, edit ours.

Easily add and group employees.

Easily import all of your employees into the system. Then group learners for easy assigning and tracking.

Assign or suggest content.

With GAN you can assign training, policies, and quizzes to employees – all at the same time, plus suggest additional role specific content as needed.

Send reminders automatically.

Tired of nudging people to finish their training? GAN does it for you. You set the pace and GAN prompts learners until they’re done.

Reach learners on any mobile device.

Open GAN on a phone or tablet. It looks beautiful. No awkward zooming or scrolling. It’s completely web-based and responsive.

Enjoy safe, seamless single sign-on.

GAN offers single sign-on (SAML/LDP). That means learners don’t have to remember any extra passwords or logins. Plus, it’s more secure.