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How Red Hat Relaunched Third-Party Screening

When teams conduct third-party screenings, they are looking for insightsnot just data. However, corralling meaningful and accurate information in a timely manner and ensuring the right people have access is often easier said than done. Third-party screenings are the front lines of your due diligence program, so it’s critical to have an effective and streamlined process in place. Learn how Red Hat overcame common third-party screening challenges and found a solution that allowed them and their new parent company, IBM to integrate their third-party vetting processes successfully.

Join us Thursday, March 18th at 7am PST / 10am EST / 3pm CET as we learn how you can achieve operational efficiency by digitalizing third-party screening workflows. Our expert speakers will share their experiences transforming screening processes through technology and services.  

After watching this webinar you will:

  • Understand why data is not created equally 
  • Learn the powerful role that integrations can play 
  • Review why screening data is critical to get right
  • See how Red Hat streamlined its process

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Jeremy Stimson Head of Data Science & Technology
Control Risks
Karen Hinchey
Karen Hinchey Program Manager
Red Hat
Tim Morss
Tim Morss SVP, Strategy
GAN Integrity

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