Third Party Due Diligence Software

Manage your third party due diligence process with confidence

Ensure every third party you work with is visible, screened, vetted, and continuously monitored with GAN’s integrated compliance management platform.

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Take control of your third party due diligence program

With our third party due diligence software, you can build a third party network driven by transparency and accountability by leveraging highly configurable and scalable workflow processes to onboard and continuously monitor your entire third party population.

Boost efficiency

Supercharge your due diligence team with an automated and centralized third party due diligence software. Free up time by combining administrative tasks into smart and automated workflows.

Take a Risk-based approach

Leverage configurable workflows to design the diligence process that fits the unique needs, goals, and risk appetite of your business to approve or reject third parties consistently.

Increase transparency

Maintain the credibility of your due diligence program with comprehensive audit trails and on-going monitoring alerts instantly bringing critical information to your attention.

Combine cutting-edge technology with premium data,

powered by

GAN Integrity and Control Risks have formed a strategic partnership to bring you VANTAGE; a state-of-the-art due diligence solution, uniting a best-in-class technology platform with market-leading global risk management and intelligence services to enable you to safely enter global third party agreements.

  • Combining the world’s largest risk databases with deeper levels of human analyst research.
  • Outsource your remediation process to drive efficiency with our Managed Screening service.
  • Get world class screening reports delivered right to your platform.
  • Get in depth intelligence reports based on the risk levels of your third parties.
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A Best-in-Class Workflow
with Risk in Focus

Assess the broader scope of risk and tailor your due diligence process to focus your efforts where they are needed most. With our third party due diligence software, you can leverage automation and allow your team to filter out high-risk partners for additional scrutiny. Every process is meticulously logged and stored in a central platform for later reference.

Low and moderate-risk
third parties

Automate screenings of your whole third party population and trigger comprehensive internal questionnaires. Allow the system to aggregate the results and move to automatic approvals if third party risk is below a predefined threshold.

third parties

Systematically trigger enhanced due diligence and block high-risk third parties from being automatically approved. Customize external questionnaires and screenings to establish adequate mitigations and empower your team to make risk-based decisions.

Very high-risk
third parties

Submit your highest risk third parties to rigorous due diligence. Leverage enhanced screenings and deploy user governance to engage key stakeholders n decision-making. Preset re-vetting as you see fit and let the platform handle administrative burdens.


Capture all of your third party data in one place

Capture all of your third party data in one place

Bring all your third party management data, systems, and questionnaires into one place with our third party due diligence software. Gain full visibility over your third party population and feel confident that you know exactly what is going on.

  • Maintain an overview of every third party in one centralized platform.
  • Dynamically import new third parties to the platform and consolidate your third party population into one central repository.
  • Categorize third parties and visualize your risk exposure to quickly identify where to focus your efforts.
  • Efficiently manage all due diligence processes from one platform.

Ongoing monitoring at your fingertips

Ongoing monitoring at your fingertips

Adequately mitigate identified risks and proactively manage new risks, as soon as they occur. Leverage role-based access control to carry out better and faster third party due diligence and keep key stakeholders involved in the process.

  • Trigger automated screenings when key information of third parties profiles are updated.
  • Set up mitigation plans and delegate tasks to third party managers with advanced user governance capabilities.
  • Automate reminders to make sure all relevant parties know what is expected of them and what the timeline is.
  • Stay on top of risks with alerts flagging newly detected events that may alter your third party risk profiles.

Bring everything you need to see onto one screen

Deploy role-based access control to determine the scope of visibility and potential actions users may undertake. Delegate tasks and watch the data to flow back in a centralized way giving you holistic oversight of your third party due diligence program.

  • Compliance Manager
    • Maintain full visibility of all activity.
    • Create, manage, and approve third parties.
    • Appoint and manage approvers and third party owners.
    • Order enhanced screenings.
    • View and modify third party categories.
  • Due Diligence
    • Create, manage and approve third parties.
    • Assign mitigations and monitor implementation.
    • Request screenings.
    • Approvers are limited to a read-only view of the entire details of a third party not assigned to them.
  • View Only
    • See all third parties with the inability to perform actions.
    • Applicable to information-based roles that do not need to participate in the process but need to stay informed.

Stay agile with risk-based due diligence software

Stay agile with risk-based due diligence software

Deploy a risk-based approach by configuring the platform’s dynamic workflows. Take advantage of automated risk rating functionalities for objective, clear, and consistent decision making.

  • Customize internal and external questionnaires to capture the information you need for adequate vetting.
  • Automate initial screenings and find all results logged and stored under the corresponding third party profile.
  • Automate low and moderate third party relationship approvals with smart workflows and kick off additional due diligence if risk scores exceed a preset threshold.
  • Initiate higher levels of due diligence with Control Risks and receive high quality screening reports delivered in the platform.

Report on your processes

Report on your processes

No more hunting for emails and collecting scattered information: Access one centralized database and a fully auditable trail for structured record-keeping.

  • Maintain a full audit trail of all actions and documents in a centralized and easily accessible platform.
  • Build tailored reports by applying the dashboard’s filtering functionalities.
  • Leverage powerful aggregation capabilities to identify where your business exposure to risk is highest.
  • Benefit from encompassing dashboards to ensure that your due diligence process is in lockstep with your broader risk management program.

Enterprise Ready

Establish a best practice third party due diligence process or build a solution that meets the unique needs of your business. With our third party due diligence software’s configurable workflows, you can design and implement scalable processes that can support even the most complex organizational structures. Customize questionnaires to capture the appropriate data you need, deploy the platform’s unlimited user governance capabilities e, and leverage encompassing dashboards to monitor effectiveness and report on your success.

Implement a best-in-class third party due diligence process today


Integrated Third party management

Integrate the data, the people and the insights from your due diligence program with the rest of your compliance program and realize the benefits of integrated compliance management.

Visualize data

Build dashboards to visualize data from every compliance process across the board and identify hidden risks that might affect your third party risk profiles and alter results.

Correlate mitigations

Deploy training as part of your due diligence workflow to ensure that your third parties are doing business in line with your company’s code of conduct.

Connect people

Ensure every third party is embedded in your compliance processes: receives appropriate policies and training, can submit gift conflicts of interest and report a concern.

Supercharge your due diligence process

Build an end-to-end third party management program with GAN’s Integrated Compliance Management platform, today.

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