Sanctions compliance for a dynamic regulatory landscape

Meet evolving regulatory requirements with premium screening intelligence and third party risk monitoring data that stays up-to-date with new OFAC and BIS sanctions and regulations.

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Effective sanctions compliance programs

Your keys to business continuity

Sanctions continue to dominate the global business landscape in the wake of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine disrupting business and supply chain operations everyday. Compliance professionals are faced with the cumbersome challenge of ensuring that their business is not transacting with blocked entities on sanctions lists updated on a daily basis by authorities. Are you also feeling the pressure?  Access powerful screening technology and accurate high quality datasets automatically updated and monitored every single day.

Premium data

Access world-class data with premium insights from the world’s leading data screening source LexisNexis augmented by Control Risks’ internal analyst data. Hedge yourself against sanctions risks and screen against the world’s most accurate sanctions database updated daily.

Cutting-edge technology

Leverage cutting-edge technology to screen against multiple sanctions lists and avoid under and over-screening risks by applying configurable filters to global sanctions enforcement data to get the most relevant sanctions information and significantly reduce the number of false positives.

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Premium Risk & Reputation Data

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GAN Integrity’s VANTAGE platform is fueled by the most up-to-date and accurate intelligence. VANTAGE is a state-of-the-art due diligence solution uniting a best-in-class technology platform with market-leading global risk management and intelligence services. Enter global third party agreements with thorough vendor screening and continued active monitoring.

  • The world’s largest risk databases with human analyst research for unparalleled accuracy.
  • Software-based active monitoring and screening drives vendor management efficiency.
  • World class, up-to-date screening reports delivered right to your platform.
  • In-depth intelligence reports predicated on nuanced risk levels of third parties.
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Let your data tell the story: keys to a powerful third party program

In the current high pressure environment we anticipate continued unpredictability. Hear from our experts on how best you can leverage third party risk data and run a highly efficient due diligence process.

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“Everything we do to take a third party through a due diligence process is all captured in the same platform.” – Karen Hinchey, Program Manager at Red Hat

Develop a strong response plan in a fluid regulatory landscape

We can help you develop a holistic response to sanctions compliance by implementing a robust screening program allowing you to gain a full topology of elevated risk.

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