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Risk Management

Manage your risks efficiently with a straightforward tool allowing you to identify, assess, mitigate and monitor your risks, all in real-time.

The Risk Management module includes a risk library, the ability to easily create and filter risks, and an activity log to keep track of changes. The module gives you and your team the ability to iterate over time and stay focused on mitigating risks rather than trying to understand which are present. The Risk Management module will help you take a proactive approach to your compliance program.

Risk Management
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Reinvent your risk management processes

  • Drop the manual processes and siloed data for a more simple and user-friendly solution
  • Identify a wide range of risks across multiple assessments
  • Connect all dots and departments by mapping risks across the company
  • Manage all risks, controls, and action plans from using a centralized risk library
Number of Risks

Effortlessly assess your organization’s risks

  • Drill down into a specific risk to view details
  • Store feedback from relevant stakeholders across the company
  • Design risk rating scales and matrices that fit your company
  • Map and categorize your risks based on likelihood and impact or any other criteria

Assess risks in real-time

  • Track your compliance risks and trends through the platform’s heat map
  • Connect adequate controls to the relevant risks to be mitigated
  • Maintain relationships with controls through a central, structured dashboard
  • Assess existing controls and determine whether new ones should be established
Heat Map
Risk Score Per Region

Adapt to new risks with ease

  • Future-proof your program by continuously updating your risk assessment
  • Launch new risk assessments when adding changes to the business
  • Automate notifications to complete risk assessments and action plans on time
  • Capture all changes in the activity log which provides an auditable trail for later reference


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