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GAN Risk Assessment

Take on the right risks every time with fully-integrated, real-time risk assessment.

You need to manage risk across all parts of your company, so that at any given time, your business incurs just enough of the right kinds of risk—no more, no less—to effectively pursue strategic goals. GAN provides you with powerful and easy-to-use tools to quickly identify, assess and respond to risks—in a way that is practical, structured, and easy to understand.

Because GAN is an integrated platform, you can easily assess risks
and implement response plans in one place.

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So What Makes Us Different?

Identify Risks With Ease

With GAN, you can easily collect inputs from other business units to produce a comprehensive list of risks, organized by risk category and country for major business events such as an entrance into a new market, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, or a major restructuring.

Assess and Prioritize

GAN’s Risk Catalog allows you to rapidly assess identified risks using predefined risk criteria, determine risk management priorities by comparing your level of risk against tolerance thresholds, and holistically manage risk interactions—all in one place.

Respond Like Never Before

From policies to employee training to due diligence, GAN brings your entire compliance arsenal together in one place. No more worrying about coordinating the many pieces of your response plans. It’s all here.


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