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Public Procurement Due Diligence Tool

The Public Procurement Due Diligence Tool helps companies assess and avoid corruption risks in the public procurement process. Public procurement is a high-risk area for corruption which the Public Procurement Due Diligence Tools helps to mitigate. The Public Procurement Due Diligence Tool consists of three documents and an interactive tool. Together they function as a tool to assess the risks of corruption in specific instances of public procurement.

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Guidance Document

The Guidance Document describes principles for sound public procurement and the risks associated with a lack of transparency, fairness and recourse.


Procedure Document

The Procedure Document guides companies through the questions posed in the Public Procurement Tool and the Evaluation Matrix.


Risk Assessment Document

The Risk Assessment Document contains a flow chart visualisation of the questions posed in the Public Procurement Tool and the phases in the related procurement processes.


Public Procurement Tool

The interactive Public Procurement Tool helps determine your procedural public procurement corruption. A general risk profile is generated from your answers and the Evaluation Matrix provides you with good or bad recourse possibilities.

The site provides a wealth of practical anti-corruption resources to support a solid preventative approach, covering subject such as processes, due diligence, practical tools to support compliance program implementation and also compliance and integrity training.

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