Son and Brother of Guatemala’s President in Corruption Case

Guatemala’s president said Tuesday that a son and a brother had made statements to prosecutors investigating the allged misappropriation of funds.

President Jimmy Morales addressed the nation about the case, saying both men went to the Attorney General’s Office to make their statements.

They are alleged to have presented false bills for reimbursement favoring the restaurant of one of the financial backers of the political party that carried Morales to office.

An international commission investigating corruption in Guatemala along with the Attorney General’s Office arrested 22 people earlier this month for the misappropriation of funds.

Attorney General’s Office spokeswoman Julia Barrera confirmed that Morales’ son Jose Manuel Morales and brother Samuel Everardo Morales made statements.

Morales, accompanied by his wife, said his son had travelled from outside Guatemala to make the statement.

ABC News | Tuesday 13 September, 2016 

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