Israel Police Investigating Communications Minister for Corruption

The Israel Police have launched an investigation into corruption allegations against Communications Minister Ayoub Kara, Army Radio reported on Tuesday.

Investigators from the Lahav 433 police anti-corruption unit are looking into a number of suspicions against the Likud minister, including his relations with a certain businessman, and political appointments of relatives and others connected to him at the Israel Postal Company.

The investigation was undercover and a secret until now and Kara did not know about it, Army Radio said.

Kara has yet to be summoned for questioning.

Kara is also suspected of receiving an illegal gift from the Israel Post– allowing him to mail large numbers of letters to Likud party activists free of charge.

Kara told Army Radio in response to the report: “I have no problem with any examination, all my actions are legal and I am at peace with my just and honest path. I invite any institution to check and see that there is nothing, because there has been nothing and will be nothing. Simply nothing. It is a shame that they are busying themselves with trivial matters instead of my many achievements as communications minister.”

Haaretz | January 15, 2019

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