Hundreds protest rampant corruption, bribery in Morocco

Hundreds of Moroccans demonstrated in the city of Casablanca yesterday calling for an end to corruption and bribery, the Anadolu Agency reported.

The participants raised banners calling for those involved in corruption cases to be held accountable. Organised by the Moroccan Association for the Protection of Public Money, the protest was joined by trade unions and non-governmental organisations.

The head of the association, Mohamed Al-Ghalousi told Anadolu that the march was a collective cry to fight bribery and corruption, adding that corruption and the looting of public funds are a real obstacle to development and democracy.

Al-Ghalousi criticised what he called “the government’s lack of will to fight bribery and corruption”.

In September, Moroccan Prime Minister, Saadeddine Othmani said his country cannot build 150 modern and equipped hospitals because of rampant corruption in the government’s ministries.

“The fight against corruption is not a simple phenomenon, because it affects society and the local economy and nullifies efforts and services provided to citizens,” he said.

He had warned in July that corruption devours between five and seven per cent of the country’s GDP.

Middle East Monitor | October 15, 2018