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$21 Million in Assets Seized in South African Corruption Inquiry

Law enforcement officials raided the compound of a family close to former President Jacob Zuma of South Africa on Monday as part of an investigation into corruption at a government dairy farm project. Accompanied by the news media, about 20 officials seized assets totaling about $21 million at the Johannesburg residence of the Guptas, three Indian brothers who built a business empire through their ties to Mr. Zuma, his family and political allies.


Argentina’s Top Spy Accused in Brazil Corruption Case

Law enforcement officials in Brazil on Thursday accused the director of Argentina’s intelligence agency of receiving $850,000 as part of a money-laundering scheme that involved front companies in several Brazilian cities. The accusation against the Argentine intelligence chief, Gustavo Arribas, who owns several real estate properties in Brazil, is the first time a senior Argentine official in President Mauricio Macri’s administration has been accused in Brazil’s wide-ranging corruption investigation known as Lava Jato, or Car Wash. Mr. Arribas was an unconventional choice for the job when Mr. Macri appointed him in December 2015. He had no public service experience and had made a living as an agent and broker for professional soccer players. Mr. Arribas, who has not been criminally charged, said in a statement that he had “no ties” to the Car Wash case. He added that he had once been wired $70,475 for the sale of furniture in an apartment, and suggested that he had been maliciously implicated in an Argentine court in the past. He did not respond to a request for an interview. The allegations against Mr. Arribas, which make no mention of his current job, come as Mr. Macri is vowing to make sweeping changes to Argentina’s judicial and regulatory agencies to root out an entrenched culture of corruption.