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MEP Alfred Sant admits Malta facing governance and corruption problems

Former prime minister Alfred Sant has acknowledged that the Labour administration in Malta is facing problems of governance and corruption. The admission by the Labour MEP came in a missive against a delegation of MEPs, led by socialist MEP Ana Gomes, to conduct an investigation into the rule of law in Malta. But Sant decried the use of the MEPs’ delegation to act as “investigator, prosecutor, judge and jury”. “That there exist problems in the governance of the country and in the control of corruption is clear. That they are to be taken into account by following the procedures of the European Parliament as laid out during the December visit of its delegation to Malta is risible,” Sant said giving the MEPs’ delegation short shrift. The European Parliament report on Malta released last week called on politicians perceived to be implicated in serious acts of corruption and money laundering linked to the Panama Papers and FIAU reports to be removed from public office and swiftly investigated. Sant, who as Labour leader from 1992 to 2008 made corruption a signature theme of his political campaigns against the Nationalist administrations, said the EP mission to Malta was “from beginning to end not credible.” Sant said the effort “fell foul of all the criteria that make similar exercises credible wherever the rule of law truly prevails – criteria that would determine what is usually called due process. For this reason, the work the delegation carried out is not credible.”