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Former Argentina President Cristina Fernandez, kids, indicted on corruption

Former President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina was indicted again on corruption-related charges, and this time her son and daughter were also charged in a case involving a family real estate company. The federal judge, Claudio Bonadio, said there was enough evidence to indict Kirchner for conspiracy over allegations that businesses rented properties from the real estate company, Los Sauces, in exchange for public works contracts and other favours. For the first time, Bonadio also indicted the former president's children, Maximo and Florencia Kirchner, in the case that includes charges of money laundering and negotiations incompatible with public office. The charges could lead to prison sentences of up to 10 years if the Kirchners are convicted. Bonadio also ordered the freezing of assets of about $US8.5 million ($11.2 million) each for Kirchner and her son, and $US6.5 million for her daughter.