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Manage all your compliance in one place.

Management is the heart and soul of GAN’s compliance management platform.  Think of us as command central for your compliance program.  No more spreadsheets, disconnected systems, or manual reporting.  Everything you need to manage compliance is right in your secure management portal. Employees also receive self-serve accounts, so they can get what they need, when they need it.

Management Features:

  • Manage policies, training, due diligence, communication, approvals, investigations, and more, all in one place.
  • Combine time-consuming compliance tasks into simple, automated workflows.
  • Get a 360-degree view of your entire compliance program from one, easy-to-use dashboard – in real time.
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Because everything is integrated, GAN makes it easy to manage your entire compliance program in one place. Integration means everything is more effective.


Combine time-consuming compliance tasks into simple, automated campaigns. Frustrating processes like getting employees to sign policies or complete training now take minutes, not weeks.


We think about service a bit differently than most.  To us, we’re your colleagues in another office.  Same team, same goals.   Expect to hear from us, see us, and feel us working for you.    Learn more >>

Customize admin powers with ease.

Need to give regional compliance managers power to assign training, evaluate third parties, or investigate cases, but frontline managers only power to view their employees results, or the status of requested third parties? Click, click, done.

Provide a single, high-quality experience.

GAN is refreshingly easy to use. No clunky systems or dated design. And every employee, frontline manager, and approved third party receives a simple, easy to use portal, so they can get what they need and when they need it.

Automate to save time.

Have a new person joining the sales team in Lisbon? No problem. GAN can assign policies, training, and quizzes automatically by role, location, and more.

Access real-time data, anytime.

Because GAN is an integrated platform, every edit, update, document, task, and activity is stored and tracked in a system of record and is instantly accessible via a single, easy to use dashboard.

Our data is so fine.

Slice and dice data to reveal insights, pinpoint problem groups, third parties, and more, than easily create CEO,  Board, and audit – ready reports.  Reports can be automated to run at regular, predefined intervals, and all the data can be exported in different formats.

Enjoy safe, seamless single sign-on.

GAN offers single sign-on (SAML/LDP). That means learners don’t have to remember any extra passwords or logins. Plus, it’s more secure.

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